5 Tips for Simplifying your Closet

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We’ve all been there: a closet full of clothes yet seems like there’s nothing to wear. While I love to shop and am constantly on the look-out for affordable fashion, having a cohesive and functional wardrobe along with an organized closet makes getting ready each day so much easier. When you are able to look at your closet and know what fits and what each items looks great with, you’ll be able to start the day feeling wonderful about yourself rather than stressed out trying to find clothes. Since not everyone has the budget to shop for new items daily, making the most of your current closet situation and using apps like Hopster to save on daily expenditures are great ways to keep things budget friendly.

Here are my 5 top tips for simplifying your wardrobe and cleaning out your closet to make sure getting ready each day is a joyous process.

1. Try on Everything and Remove things that don’t fit properly. Since I’m getting rid of baby weight still, I have some pre-pregnancy clothes that I’m not exactly ready to part with them. For clothes like this, I’ve packed them in a closet and stored them. It’s important to remove things that don’t fit out of your line of vision. Looking at something cute and remembering you can’t yet wear it is one sure way to set yourself up for failure in the mornings, instead, only display the clothing that fits properly in your closet, so that you’re sure you’ll look great in every item you see.

2. Organize Clothes in Sections. I enjoy having my closet divided into sections. I have all skirts/shorts in one area, dresses/jeans in another, and tops organized by color in the most accessible area of the closet. Having sections that are organized helps me to easily piece together looks in my mind’s eye without having to pull everything out of place to try it on. On days I haven’t shaved my legs, I go straight to my jeans area and then grab a cute top. On days when my self-tanner is looking on point, I can quickly browse through my sundresses to pick out the one that expresses my mood. An organized closet is key to wardrobe success.

3. Practice a Purging Method. Whether it be the “does this item bring me joy”, the “I haven’t worn it in a year”, or the “toss one item every time you buy something new” method. You need to have a practice in play when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe. Personally I shop for new items a few times a week, so I’m also constantly purging by season. At the end of each season I keep the top 10-15 items I wore constantly and then I purge the rest. This keeps my closet fresh and not bogged down with items that I only wore once and don’t plan on wearing again. I use a few apps to sell my old clothes online so that I can use those sales towards new item purchases.

4. Save on the Splurges. As many of you know, I focus on affordable fashion with seasonal designer splurges. I’m really big on big name handbags, sunglasses and occasionally shoes. I think about my splurges for a minimum of one week before I’ll decide to purchase bigger items. This gives me the chance to really add splurges that work into my wardrobe as multi-seasonal staples, and in the time I think about them, it also gives me a chance to find some savings. While I’m all about finding a good deal and coupons ahead of a shopping trip, the Hopster Mobile App helps generate rebates for all my purchases after the fact so that I can save even more money long term.

How it works: Download the Hopster app on your mobile device and choose your rebates from a wide selection of brands. Shop the brands at any store then upload a picture of the receipt with your rebate item purchase. Then the rebates are deposited into your paypal account as soon as the redemption is validated! It’s so simple, no waiting for a certain balance or number of business days to go by! You can download the Hopster app for Google Play & Android via this link or use this link for iOS.

5. Get Inspired and Keep a List. Shopping is an inevitable part of my life, so to stay true to my personal style and keep my closet clutter free, I always get inspired and make shopping lists. When I find outfits on other bloggers I love I’ll screenshot them and immediately add a breakdown of the pieces to my “notes” in phone, or when I see a great magazine write-up with accessories I want to try, I’ll add more to my “notes”. Keeping a clear list on hand while shopping helps to keep me on track, and of course, I have veered from the list on several occasions, but the list prevents me from forgetting that finishing outfit touch that I so desperately need!

What’s your favorite way to save money when filling your closet, and how do you keep your wardrobe clutter free? Tell me in the comments below!

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The First of Fall Fashion

I’ve already committed to the pumpkin spice life, probably way before most people would deem “normal” but this week on friday we get to celebrate the first official day of fall, and I for one am here for it! Since we don’t get the cooler breezes and seasons change like the rest of America here in Florida, we make due with small changes in apparel that are seasonally appropriate but also warm weather tolerant.

Mustard tones and darker floral prints are a great way to slowly incorporate fall pieces into your wardrobe while still being able to withstand the heat and humidity. I picked this adorable navy floral tunic with a lace insert up at a cute little boutique, The Elegant Relic, in Mebane, NC while we were on our summer vacation.

It’s a sleeveless tunic, so it fairs well as a sundress during the spring and summer months, however you can easily add this to your fall lookbook too, by simply adding a seasonally appropriate colored cardigan. When I think of fall I think of leaves on the ground and colors reflecting that richness of the seasonal change. Mustard is a perfect fall color and pairs so nicely with the navy background of this floral tunic.

These Marc Fisher espadrille wedges were great during spring and summer, and the color is a rich enough tan to compliment certain looks in the fall as well. I’ve really been loving the versatility these wedges have given me. I’ve worn them so many times in so many different ways since getting them for my birthday in March. I added a tan belt, and finished my accessories off with this really awesome cross body tote bag that I got in my second StitchFix package. (I wasn’t really happy with my first StitchFix box, but my stylist REALLY did great with the second box! Check out this link if you want to try StitchFix!)

I couldn’t be more excited about the change in seasons and the transition into fall fashion, James and I are even taking a trip up North to catch some real fall weather next weekend! <3

Linked similar dresses since this one was found at a local boutique. Check out their FB page though, she has the cutest shop!

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Disney Style: Belle Disney Bound + Be Our Guest Brunch

More often than not, as a young little girl, there’s that ONE princess that is your absolute favorite. For my nieces, it’s mainly been Elsa & Anna (with the exception of one Star Wars fanatic who is obsessed with Rey), and for me, it’s definitely always been Belle. My love of Beauty and the Beast runs through my veins and gets me all nostalgic for the days of my childhood when it was totally acceptable to carry around a basket of books and sing “there must be more than this provincial life”. When the Be Our Guest restaurant opened at Disney, I wanted nothing more than to experience details the of Belle’s Castle and try the “grey stuff”.

Getting a reservation at Be Our Guest is an ordeal on it’s own because everyone like me from all around the world is also trying to have their Belle experience. Here’s a little tip: I’ve noticed that when trying to book it days/weeks/months in advance I won’t have a lot of luck on the Disney app, however, checking it the night before a trip to the Kingdom I’ve been able to find dozens of times for reservations, so ALWAYS check the night before if you want to eat there!

We went to brunch around 10:30am, there were plenty of open seats and three different dining areas to choose from. Here’s how it works for those who haven’t been: during breakfast and lunch you order your food from a touch screen kiosk, where you also pay. You then find any open seat in any dining area you like and wait. A cast member comes by, checks your receipt to know where to have what food delivered, and within 5-15 minutes, another cast member comes by with your food and a selection of pastries for the table.

James selected the Charcuterie, a tray of assorted cured meats and cheeses since he’s not into eggs in the least. The cheeses were very great along with some delicious fresh blackberries, it was a nice and healthy, sweet and savory brunch for James. I went with the Croque Madam, an open-faced ham sandwich with a fried egg,  Gruyere Cheese, and Béchamel. This dish was rich in flavor and very savory. I only finished half of my meal because I wanted to taste all the flavors I could, including some of the amazing complimentary pastries that accompanied our meal. My favorite of the pastry selection was most definitely the mini blueberry muffin, the blueberries inside were super fresh, and gave it a nice flavor and texture combination.

All in all this brunch was so satisfying and definitely worth the 3 year wait. I love that Be Our Guest not only met, but exceeded my expectations, having anticipated this meal for so long, it was beyond what I was hoping for! We finished off our meal with The Master’s Cupcake, aka “The Grey Stuff”. It was a super sweet chocolate sponge cupcake with grey whipped icing. The icing was light and fluffy and very sweet, and the chocolate cupcake complimented it perfectly, using a spongecake instead of regular cake mix, really set this apart from a typical cupcake, making it super memorable for me.

Since we knew we were dining at Be Our Guest, I obviously had to make all my 8-year-old self’s dreams come true and dress like Belle. Disneybounding (when you dress yourself to look like a princess or disney character for a visit to the park) is so simple once you get the hang of it. I paired a great blue skirt with a simple white top and lace-up ballet flats. This look is very similar to Belle’s everyday outfit (a blue dress layered with a white shirt and white apron), and was comfortable enough to walk around the park in for a few rides after brunch.

I was in awe of the amount of detail put into Be Our Guest, the three dining hall options are so reminiscent and reflective of the movie. One area, The West Wing, even houses that clawed picture of the prince himself and the enchanted rose. James and I ate on the “dance floor”, the area made to look like that unforgettable castle scene when Belle and Beast meet at the staircase and dance all night. The ceiling and chandeliers in this room looked exactly like the cartoon and I basically just need to paint my ceiling now.

Have you been to Be Our Guest? Any tips on getting a dinner reservation, cause I’m trying to try out dinner next. <3 (linked similar items I’m wearing if you’re interested in doing a Belle-Disneybound. These are great everyday wardrobe pieces too, I wear each piece individually about once a week!)

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Werk it- Workwear

I’m not going to post about how I had planned all these amazing outfits for NYFW and then a stupid horrible hurricane came through and ruined those plans. Like, I’m not doing that at all. Instead I’m finding new ways to incorporate those amazing outfits into my everyday life. I have no need on a daily basis for workwear attire to be honest. I work on my blog and keep two tiny humans alive all day basically, so while I do like to put on cute outfits, workwear has never been one of those “go-to” outfits for day to day.

Then I thought, just because I’m not doing anything super fabulous on Monday doesn’t mean I can’t dress fabulously. So I put on a great workwear outfit and took the boys across the street to the hotel for a fancy lunch. This look is 10000% me channeling my inner Blair Waldorf (and if you don’t know who that is honestly, do you even know me?!?) and I could not be more comfortable or feel more confident than I did wearing this look.

I’ve had this H&M asymmetrical wrap skirt since February and literally JUST took the tags off. If you’re curvy like I am, this skirt runs VERY small. I typically wear a size 14 right now and since I’m familiar with H&M clothing running small, I sized up to a 16 ordering this online. It JUST started to fit, and I’ve lost 15 lbs and 8 inches in my hips in the last 3 months and am just about in a size 12, so size up TWO sizes if you’re interested in this little ditty. Also I have to say it was worth the wait. This skirt fits like a glove right now, it hugs my curves in all the right places and disguises my food baby with the wrap.

It’s also the PERFECT length for all you short girls like me out there. Hitting my legs 3 inches above the knee is the perfect length to hide my thunder thighs, but still elongate my legs helping me look longer, leaner and taller.

I paired it with a simple white button down top from Old Navy. These tops are wrinkle resistant so they’re great for anyone who’s constantly moving around or traveling for work. The outfit was great with just the top and skirt, but adding this navy suiting vest proved to finish off the look in a slightly fashion forward way. While heavy and durable this vest didn’t add a lot of heat to the outfit so I wasn’t sweating to death in the Florida sun. It was the “wow” factor to an already solid outfit and I highly suggest finding a piece like this. It’s not something I can wear all the time, but when I wear it, I always get compliments and feel tres chic.

Finally this look was MADE when I added these incredible mirrored rose gold mules. One thing I’ve picked up on by watching hours of other fashion blogger’s insta-stories who were at NYFW is that statement shoes are SO huge this fall. Basically you want your shoes to tell a story, so that you can simplify your wardrobe transitioning through seasons. Think embroidered boots, mirrored flats, lots of pearls on shoes, glitter, fur, etc… anything that stands out from the ordinary as far as footwear goes is great for the Fall & Winter this year, so feel free to add a few pairs of fun to your wardrobe in your seasonal refresh.


Overall this is a great millennial-chic #bossbabe look that you can pull off as workwear and rock at happy hour afterwards!

(my exact skirt and vest are sold out so I linked similar ones!)


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Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival – Round 1

Since we have annual passes, this year I’ve made it my goal to hit all the booths eventually during Epcot’s annual Food & Wine Festival. For those of you who don’t know much about it, here’s a little break down of what Food & Wine Fest is and why people love it so much.

Food & Wine Festival was inaugurated at Epcot in 1995, since then it’s grown a ton and each year Disney goes out of the way to make it a special time at the park. Booths are set up from all over the world to taste foreign flavors and specialty drinks. This year there are 39 booths around the park featuring flavors from the following countries: New Zealand, Australia, Patagonia, Hawai’i (not a country but a cuisine of it’s own), Greece, Thailand, Mexico, China, India, Africa, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Belgium, Brazil, France, Ireland and Canada.

We started our journey by grabbing our food passports (you can get them at any food booth, and this year you mark your own rather than getting it stamped at each booth), and hitting up Scotland for our first stop. Fun fact: my maiden name is Graham and my moms side of the family is SUPER Scotlish, like we have a family crest and everything! We couldn’t decide on what to enjoy with the booth offering so many delicious options, so we got the suggested pairing: Fresh Potato Pancake with Scottish smoked salmon and herbed sour cream, and Bellhaven Brewery Scottish Ale.

Honestly it was OK, since I only plan on hitting up each booth once this year I won’t go back to try any other tastings from Scotland, however if I were you I would definitely get the Traditional Scottish Lamb Stew with Neeps and Tatties & a Citrus Thistle instead. For me the Bellhaven tasted like malt liquor, very strong and hoppy which isn’t my fav kind of beer, the potato pancake was great as far as flavor goes, but because of the heat lamps that keep the food going, it was honestly a little dry, so again, try the stew instead.

Our next stop was Australia and this was probably my absolute favorite dish of the festival thus far. The Grilled Sweet & Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp with pineapple, pepper, onion and snap peas. When I say our plate was licked clean I’m not even exaggerating. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and not overdone at all, the flavors were wonderfully balanced. You get a lot of spice at first bite, but as you continue to enjoy the dish it mellows out and the snap peas were out of this world. We paired the dish with the Hope Estate “Wollombi Brook” Semillon which was great. For a red wine it was really light and sweet.

After Australia, we stopped in Greece for Spanakopita & a glass of Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko, Santorini. The carbs here were just what we needed after a couple drinks, so the spanakopita really hit the spot. The wine was sweet and fruity which complimented the spinach and pastry perfectly.

By the time we reached other booths the park had started to fill up and lines had started to get a lot longer, so we started just looking for “shortest line” options. When we got to Belguim we decided to go all out with a Beer Flight & Chilled Coffee‘s. The Chilled Coffee was absolutely incredible. Have you ever ordered a Frap at Starbucks and thought “I wish this was full of alcohol”? If so, this beverage is definitely for you! In the beer flight we sampled: Hoegarden Witbier ( my fav, light but strong), Stella Artois Hard Cidre (nothing super special, but great if you’re into cider), and Leffe Blonde Belgian Pale Ale (I am NOT an Ale person, this was v hoppy). BTW the Belgian waffles looked amazing when people ahead of me in line walked by with theirs. I may have to repeat this booth next time just to try one.


To soak up all those drinks we then hit up France for the most amazing Beef Bourguignon, Puree de Pommes de Terre ever. (that’s cabernet sauvignon braised beef with mashed potatoes in Laymen’s terms, and it is just as mouthwatering and delicious as it sounds.) The beef is really tender and the potatoes are amazingly creamy and fluffy in this dish. It’s my go-to festival dish year after year. We also tried the Croissant aux Escargots (escargot croissant with garlic and parsley). I was really hesitant about trying this dish to be honest. I’ve never eaten escargot and wasn’t exactly big on the idea, but the way it’s cooked in the croissant and covered in garlic butter makes it SO amazing. I’ll eat snails all day if they always taste this good. You can’t go to France and not get a sparkling wine, so we got the St. Germain Sparkling Kir, the last time I got the Kir in 2015 it was nice and sweet with a pomegranate liqueur on top, this year they changed it up and mixed the sparkling wine with elderflower liqueur and while still amazing, wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for.


Last but certainly not least on this part of my food & wine adventure we went all out of our comfort zones and tried the Seared Venison Loin with wild mushroom marsala sauce & kumara puree in New Zealand. Much to my surprise it tasted a lot like a regular sirloin steak, the meat was a little more tough and chewy than a typical cut of beef, but it didn’t taste weird or gamey at all as I had imagined it would.

One of the great things that I love about the festival is that the portion sizes are just right so you don’t feel like you’re overdoing it, especially if like me you go with a couple friends and share everything! The prices at the booths are so much more reasonable than typical fancy restaurants where you would find this kind of culinary experience. Most items are within a $5-10 range at each booth. On average we spent about $13 per booth for the day, so the experience can add up quickly which is why I’m planning on doing it in rounds not all at once. Next time I’m going to sample some of their amazing mocktail/virgin drink options as well as more of the European and Asian booths!

Aside from the food Epcot also hosts celebrity chefs, educational food experiences, The CHEW, and a music series called Eat to the Beat with great throwback bands like Hanson & Sugar Ray during the festival. This year Food & Wine Fest runs from August 31 – November 13 so you’ve still got plenty of time to make a trip around the world. Have you been to Food & Wine Festival at Epcot before? I want to hear all your favs for my next trip! <3

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Preparing for Irma #notmyhurricane

I was supposed to be packing my suitcase for fashion week like right now. As I’m sitting here on my bed typing these words on my laptop, I was supposed to be frantically getting ready and picking last minute outfits for a trip to NYFW, Hurricane Irma had other plans for me though. Because this beast of a hurricane isn’t traveling fast enough to give us an actual path before my trip, and I have a mild anxiety disorder, I decided to cancel my flights and hotels and hang back here, in FL with my family to ride out Irma.

Growing up in Florida, I think I have always taken hurricanes with a grain of salt, like I wasn’t even worried about Matthew last year and Disney closed it’s parks for an entire day for the first time in forever because of that storm. I would have to say Irma is probably the first hurricane that’s formed in my adult life that actually has me shook. With a width the size of our entire state, it’s safe to say over 50% of the Floridian population is actually freaking out right now, with good reason. The other half, jaded by a lifetime of newscasters causing a panic only to be left with 30 gallons of water and 18 loaves of sliced bread, are just simply brushing Irma off their shoulders like she ain’t shit.

I canceled my trip because I just kept thinking personally everyone was going to lose cell service and wifi for at least an 8 hour span and that’s too long to be away and out of contact from my children, I mean I’m a “cool mom” but I’m also slightly neurotic at times, don’t get me wrong. So, as I prepare for Irma I just thought I’d share some of these hilarious memes that have been popping up in my newsfeed, and in no rhyme or reason sharing some things I’m doing to prepare my house and family. We live pretty far inland, in the Orlando area, so we aren’t expecting to see a TON of force or damage which is why James and I decided it’d be safer to stay at home and ride it out instead of getting stuck on the roads.                                                                                                  

  1. Been charging everything religiously. Since I’ve been to a few conventions and events lately, I thankfully have 4 portable chargers that I’ve made sure to fully charge. Also, charging the old cell phones we had that we now let the kids play with, iPads, laptops, and current cell phones on repeat every second they aren’t in use basically. Nothing is dying around here. I also have one of those portable bluetooth speakers which I’m keeping charged up, if the power & wifi do go out, it’ll be nice to at least have some jams for a dance party.
  2. Planning arts & crafts & games. I think one of my biggest fear associated with Irma is that we’re all going to lose power and wifi, having two small kids who may start to get bored during a large storm isn’t exactly great for my sanity level so I’m making sure I have games & crafts on deck to keep the whole family sane and entertained.                                                  
  3. I bought a lot of pasta & cake. I plan on cooking it all on Saturday and making pasta salad type meals that taste delicious even when they’re cold in the event the microwave goes out. If you know me IRL, you know my aversion to cold meals & hatred of the sort, so I wanna make sure if I have to eat things that aren’t piping hot, they’re gunna taste good cold. Also, I love baking and it’s a lot of fun, it’ll be nice to have something sweet to treat ourselves with when we’re stressing about whether or not the tree next to our balcony is going to smash through the window. And YES you CAN expect a hurricane cupcake recipe here in the next 2 days.              
  4. Got all the Diet Coke & Starbucks Iced Drinks. Most people were all worried about water, but I’ve got like 1/2 a case in my car (and honestly by the time I even thought to get water all of Orlando was sold out of it) and we have a ton of water bottles, pitchers, and dishes we can fill up with filtered water from the fridge, which I plan on doing on Saturday evening while I’m cooking. Water is free at my house, but what I can’t live without is my coffee in the morning and an ice cold diet coke with dinner, so I made sure to have plenty of them on hand and in the fridge so they’re ice cold. It’s called priorities people, get some.                                                                                     
  5. I cleaned my house. My sister-in-law made a post about this and I couldn’t have agreed more, so I got down to it today. If on the off-chance I ACTUALLY need to be rescued, I don’t want my house to be a wreck when people bust up inside of it. Also clean tubs/sinks can be used to fill with water, in case we lose water…so there’s that, but honestly if my countertop ends up on the front lawn I want people to think “damn that is the cleanest piece of countertop wreckage I have seen all week, good for her”.
  6. All my laundry and dishes are getting done. Dishes get done always anyway, and my laundry doesn’t really pile up too much right now, but I’m also washing all the sheets, blankets, and towels, just in case we’re out of water for a few days and ya know, clean sheets + rainy weather = the most comfy feeling in the universe, so it’s all about that indulgence.
  7. I spent an embarrassing amount of money on scented candles. We may lose power and have no lights, and like who doesn’t want to light all the delicious scented candles while they relax in their clean sheets and listen to their “rainy day mix” via bluetooth speaker in the middle of a storm, right?! Truth be told Bath & Body Works just released their fall scents and I managed to convince James that if we were gunna have to live by candlelight it may as well be the best smelling candles money can buy, amiright?!?!                                                      
  8. Downloading everything!!! Since all my electronics are being charged to ride out the storm, I’m also downloading everything I own and lots of movies/TV shows that interest me on my phone and laptop, and downloading TV shows & movies for the boys on their laptop & play phones. With so many streaming services these days we forget they’re all wifi/cell service based. In the event we lose power & signals, things you download are ready and available to provide everyone entertainment. Having the different interests and things on different devices ensures that no ones storage gets too full in one spot, and that the boys don’t try to steal my phone. I’ve also been sure to back up my iTunes library so I can listen to all my previously downloaded music, and you bet I have AppleMusic, so I’ve been downloading all the new free music I can as well.  Sure you have to pay to download things like movies & TV shows on iTunes, but I didn’t spend $300 on bottled water, so my budget has some room for a few dozen movies. (again, priorities lol )                               
  9. Taking a nice bath NIGHTLY! I wanna stay as fresh as I can on the off-chance the water goes out and it could be days before I bath again, so to keep myself fresh, I’m making an ordeal out of my bath time each night. Getting the bubbles out, the coconut sugar scrub, shaving my legs, the whole 9 yards, every night. It’s been so nice, honestly – but I’m selflessly doing this as hurricane prep I swear 😉 .
  10. I got a bag packed just in case we’ve got to go. It’s got all my favorite things to wear, and all the boys favorite things etc. . . In case we have to make a last minute call on evacuating (which I highly doubt will happen) I’m ready to throw on my Adidas and run out the door. Like peace out FL, James and I have talked about several different places to head to if we need to evacuate and we’d probably leave hella early in the morning before anyone is awake and on the roads to avoid getting stuck somewhere. I other words I’ve got a “Just in (suit) case” .

Anyone going, Anyone Staying? Anyone got any other tips for riding out the storm that haven’t already been shared 800,000 times? (also don’t even mention Zello cause I already got corrected and that shit don’t work without wifi & cell service). How does Irma make you feel? Oh and also we’ve got Jose coming in now too lolololololol #loveFL


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My First Stitchfix – Review

Lately I’ve been really unimpressed with the in-store selection of fashion, so I decided to try out Stitchfix. For those of you who don’t know, Stitchfix is a monthly subscription box. You fill out a style profile, leave notes for your personal stylist on what you’re looking for, and then they send you a box of personally selected clothes. You can check the items pricing online and then keep what you’d like to purchase and send back what you don’t like.

Since I’m going to NYFW in a week, I asked my stylist for fashion forward pieces for the trip. My stylist sent: a maroon cotton-blend moto jacket ($88), a black strappy camisole ($34), green skinny jeans ($88), a black/cream striped criss-cross back top ($54), and a sage kimono with a cream floral pattern ($48).

A lot of these pieces weren’t items I would regularly pick for myself, and I really liked that about the box, while most were ill-fitting and some were just a little out of my price range for the amount of wear they’d get, I ended up keeping the sage kimono. For me it has a lot of versatility and the color is perfect for the summer to fall transition.

For brunch in Paris at Epcot, I paired it with a cream lace mini dress & simple nude flats, to keep things more casual, pairing it over a screen tee with jean shorts and sandals is a great way to dress it down.

All in all this fix wasn’t my favorite but I am excited to try another fix, I really liked that the stylist did select items that I wouldn’t have normally picked out, I like taking fashion risks and have been getting really comfortable aka lazy, with my style recently so surprise boxes are a great way to mix things up for me!

If you’re interested in trying out stitchfix for a free month, use this link here.

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Custom Shirts

You all may or may not know but a couple years ago I started making tee shirts. I loved learning all about the screen printing process, and it’s a skill I like knowing, but it wasn’t something I was into doing full time. I’ve always thought of fun tee shirts I’d like to make here and there, but never knew how to go about it without either having them look cheap, spending a fortune, or putting a lot of effort into making just one tee shirt.

I recently did an Instagram collaboration with a company called Customized Girl, and they are changing the custom tee shirt game! I got to select the style of shirt I wanted, then what I wanted it to say, play with fonts, colors & outline options, and then even add artwork if I wanted to for some one of a kind pieces that look SO cool and cost around the same as the basic shirts you see all the time at your favorite Red Cart store 😉 .

I love that tee shirts are such an easy way to express your current feels to the world, I always lean towards more sarcastic and ironic themed tees that just feel naturally badass when you wear them. I made this Prettier on Instagram tee shirt as a jab at myself. On social media we always project such picture perfect images of our lives, more often than not, making them look a lot prettier than they are IRL, so this was just a fan way to nod to that aspect of blogging.

Living around Disney and being an annual passholder, means I love to them Disney outfits, more on the details of this one later, but this great baggy sweatshirt that I made say “All I Ever Wanted was the World” was a great way to play into the Princess side of my Disney life.

Have you ever wanted a tee shirt made so bad but thought it cost a small fortune to have made? The quality of these tees is so wonderful. I love that “lived in” baggy look, so I ordered one size up in all my top choices.

If you’re interested in the exact details of the shirts I made so that you can replicate them, let me know and I’ll personally reach out with all the details and walk you through making it on your own!

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Off the Shoulder & Slides

I have had such a hard time finding tops lately. I don’t like for my post baby belly to show, so I need a little extra length in the front of most tops. I’ve done really well with basic cotton tees, but having a nice top to dress up a pair of jeans with is basically a necessity. I scored this awesome off the shoulder top from TJ Maxx for only $13, and it fit me just right.

This baby doll style tunic top, has the cutest off the shoulder tie sleeves that I’ve ever seen! It’s blue and white stripe makes it really versatile for all of the florida seasons since the color is pretty neutral. It has an elastic stretchy portion in the back of the top which helps keep it in place while running out and about, and the peplum flare at the bottom is so flattering on my wider hips.

I paired it with skinny jeans to balance out the ensemble. When wearing anything baggy or more flowy as a top, it’s always great to recreate a flattering silhouette with a skinny jean. I think adding a pair that’s semi-distressed also keeps the top a little less dressy and a little more “polished but laid back”.

I’ve really been loving these rose embroidered slides. They’re the perfect statement shoe that really adds the finishing fashion touch to every outfit. The light blue color and soft pink keep them from being an overly aggressive statement shoe, so they’d be great to add to any wardrobe just as part of a seasonal refresh. Slides, Mules & Loafers are all going to grow in popularity over the next 6 months, so investing in a pair now is a good call.

Off the Shoulder tops and dresses are definitely one of my favorite trends and I’m so glad they’re still on-trend for fall (think of them layered with faux fur vests <3 ) I linked similar tops with similar price ranges since this one is an in-store only top.

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Stripes for Curves.

I love an easy dress in the summer and it doesn’t get much easier than a striped dress in the summertime. A subtle stripe can be really versatile and you can wear a simple striped dress in a number of different ways. I admittedly have had this dress in my closet all summer but it never looked quite “right” enough to go out in.

After losing a few lbs and inches, it’s finally decided to look decent on my and I couldn’t be more excited because it’s been so hot down here lately I can’t put on much more than a sundress and sneakers or sandals without sweating my bootay off.

I know that curvy girls have been told my entirely too many people that horizontal stripes will “make you look wider” and “should be avoided” but as I’ve told clients over and over it’s MUCH MORE about the material and the way an item fits than it is about the stripes.

I tend to get my horizontal stripes in thinner variteys, this give an all over slimming pattern that’s appeasing to the eye, and works to help slim you out some, so instead of looking wider you actually end up looking slimmer in the stripes!

Adding a camel colored belt at the high-waist to break up the stripes ended up making all the difference for me. The length of the dress was ho-hum on my short frame, but adding the belt helped elongate my body enough to make the dress look more proportional.

While this would look adorable with some flats and a cardigan for a more laid back work-wear day, it also feels really cute for a day just running errands with some white sneakers.

What’s something you’ve been told to avoid wearing because of your size? I’d love to help show you how to rock it!


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