Nordstrom Sale Picks Under $50

It’s here everyone! The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is upon us, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. I’ll be doing a 3 part series on the sale, dividing my favorite deals up by price points : Under $50, Under $100, and Under $250. In each post you can also expect to see the shopping experience divided into categories like tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories.

The Under $50 is probably going to be the biggest post on here for clothing, and I’ll focus more on shoes in Under $100, and great designer bags & accessories in Under $250. This is because that’s how I shop, honestly. I like to have affordable clothing, basics that last a long time, and there’s not much in my closet clothing wise that I’ve ever paid more than $50 for. I do opt for designer, but limit myself to a few nice bags a year and 1-3 pairs of new sunnies, so that I build a timeless collection.

This post is full of all my fav pieces under $50, so without further ado let’s start with TOPS:

There are so many great deals going on right now it’s hard to not just pick it all! haha Here are my selections under $50 for BOTTOMS:


Last but certainly not least for this Under $50 NSale Post,  ACCESSORIES: 

That’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it! Seriously it was just like online shopping and sharing everything I would have “added to cart” <3 What is your favorite item under $50 in the Nordstrom Sale? Share it with me in the comments below!

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My Mom “Uniform”

I think it’s a running joke amongst all Moms that we have a basic “uniform”. For each mom that uniform is different, some are constantly in gym clothes, yoga pants, or jeans and tee shirts, but for me, it’s ever-so-slightly different.

My mom uniform consists of 4 essential pieces that can be mixed and matched all day every day for a comfortable yet stylish look.

I start with a high-waist (preferably elastic waist too ūüėČ ) patterned skirt, add a fun graphic tee, top it off with a cardigan or some kind of lightweight outerwear, and finish it off with my white converse.

Easy, right? Not only is it super easy to put together, but it always looks casually cute and laid back, and not to mention that it’s such a comfortable look! I can easily run after the boys, go on a Target run, and then cook dinner later on, without feeling like I need to change my clothes.

Everything is always machine washable so I’m not fretting about getting anything “dirty” if the boys and I decide to break out the arts and crafts either!

Two of my go-to skirts for my uniform are a navy and white polka dot skirt, and a black bright floral patterned wrap skirt. My favorite tee is hands down McConaughey, because well, McConaughey (que the alright alright alright here).

What’s your “Mom Uniform”?

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Disney Style- Pt. 1

James and I recently got Disney annual passes. I love Disney and it’s such a fun time with the kids. Living in Celebration we’re only about a 5 minute drive from the parks, so I plan to go A LOT. However, unlike many tourists, I love to dress up for Disney. There’s a ton of photo ops, and happy people on vacation always around and willing to snap a few pics for you.

disney attire

When I dress for the park I want to look like “Disney Cute”. Since I haven’t gone a ton yet, this post is about my first outfit the day we got our passes, but there will be plenty more Disney Style posts to come in the near future.

For this day in the park I chose to wear denim, this helps prevent my legs from chafing while walking all day in the park. My black distressed skinny jeans are always a go-to, because of the amount of stretchy comfort they provide.

I paired them with an adorable cream blouse that featured large black polka dots from The Loft Outlet. It was such a steal at only $30, but unfortunately Loft Outlet things aren’t available online, so I’ve linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post for those interested. The polka dots are very very classic Disney, so of course I bought myself a pink sequined pair of Minnie Mouse ears to top the whole look off!

disney style

Lastly, shoes matter so much when walking through Disney all day. A typical 4-5 hour day at Disney will be around 15k-20k steps, so shoes that don’t make you blister are crucial. That’s why I love my white converse! They are comfy AF, no blisters anywhere, and they pair well with just about any and every outfit.

Since I wasn’t with the kids, I used a crossbody bag, just big enough to carry my cards, phone, and lip balm. This was so easy to carry all day, without the extra weight of a huge bag.

Do you dress up for Disney? What do you typically wear to the park?

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Yellow Florals

Nothing says spring like a floral dress right? Wanna double the spring-i-ness of the look? Make it a yellow floral dress. I didn’t think with blonde hair I’d be able to pull of yellow, but this particular color is just the right shade. It’s not too “mustard” and not too pale, making it the perfect shade for my blonde not to blend in.

James bought me these Marc Fisher wedges for my birthday and I have been in LOVE with them ever since. They are so easy to walk in, and give me just the right amount of extra height. I love that the carmel color goes so well with everything, and small perforated details on the top make them super on-trend for 2017.

This dress really makes a statement and the material is so light, that I didn’t want my accessories to overpower the outfit, so I finished this look with my Kendra Scott Tassel necklace, and Bourbon & Bowties bangles.

If you’re looking for cute brunch attire ideas this is a great one. Especially with Mother’s Day coming up this weekend. The fitted top accentuates my bust and smaller waist, and the pleats underneath the bust give me plenty of room for pancakes.

This outfit feels so perfect for the Spring to Summer transition. What do you think?


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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s no secret that I love both giving and receiving wonderful gifts. We celebrate all the random holidays over here at the Clark Crib in some festive way or another. For Cinco de Mayo last week I took the boys to Epcot to experience some culture, and with Mother’s Day weekend coming up I can’t wait to go overboard for the special women in my life and (hopefully) get a few treats myself ūüėČ

Fun Fact: I love presents so much that when I was a child I tried to argue with my parents that they should in fact get us children gifts as well on Mother’s and Father’s Day, because after all, it was my sweet face that made you a parent, right?

So here are some great ideas for Mother’s Day 2017, (hint hint if you’re reading this James <3 )

  1. For the Athletic Mom: Chances are if your mom is super into working out, she’s already got a FitBit to keep track of her daily fitness needs. I’d suggest going a little outside the box and grabbing this ADORABLE Fitbit Alta Accessory Band, that way, even when she’s dressing up, she can still keep that heart rate in check.

2. For the Label lovin’ Mama: Listen I’ll be 100% real with you guys, I LOVE me some designer bags. I try to save on clothing and shoes so that I can get a couple nice purses a year. These bags are the ones on my “wish list” that I sent to James. A tasseled cross body is the perfect way to look stylish and chic this Summer, and I’m also currently obsessing with light colors and smaller bags.

For the Puppy Mom: Let’s face it, there are some ladies out there who devote a lot of time and energy into making sure their pups are well taken care of. Fellas, if you own a dog with your boo, don’t forget all she does on Mother’s Day too. A Barkbox subscription is a really cute idea, but also be sure to get her something she can enjoy. Kate Spade released an adorable balloon animal dog line of accessories that would be such a chic way to treat you puppy mama, or a piece of jewelry with your breed on it is such a fun idea.

For the sentimental Mom: Most mother’s aren’t huge on a ton of gifts, what matters most is that you took time out of your day to make her feel special and pick out something that would make her happy. You know, “it’s the thought that counts”. For Moms who would rather have a special memory or something heartfelt, try writing a handwritten card, getting tickets to a concert she’d like to see so that you two can go together and create a meaningful memory together. When we were kids we would create at-home spa days and those “coupon” books full of chores and back rub promises. I’ve recently started to LOVE personalized jewelry with my kid’s initials or names on them.

For the Foodie Mama: All moms will be having themselves a cheat day on Sunday that is for sure. Take extra time to pick out an amazing local spot to make her cheat day worth it. Go the extra mile, make the reservations, and bring her one of these MUST-HAVE gadgets for the kitchen.

Whatever your Mother is like, wherever she is, no matter the distance, be sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her. It’s not the gift that matters at all, it’s the love behind it.

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It’s no secret that I’ve been wanting to take part of the hipster music festival in California’s desert Coachella. Since I haven’t been able to go yet, I celebrate #nochella where I simply just listen to good music on my iPhone & dress like a hippie. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young 20-something or a mom balancing your own unique style with managing a house full of munchkins, #nochella festival attire comes in many designs and can easily be pieced together when you’re feeling like a free spirit.

I tucked a really breezy blush cotton swing tee in with an amazing high-low floral skirt and felt all the 70’s vibes. The ruffle along the bottom of the skirt, as well as the drawstring tassel details at the top of it, really bring current trends into play with the classic late 60’s/early 70’s style, giving it a great modern vintage feel.

Accessory wise I grabbed these round Prada sunnies, I’ve had them for about a year now and they fit so perfectly with the vintage feel of this outfit. I’ve also been wearing these amazing gold ear crawlers for the past month with basically everything. I love that they look really simple, but have the stunning capability of matching any kind of outfit’s style/vibe.

My brown leather choker was made by my favorite local jeweler, Simple & Pretty Jewelry. If there’s any company that embodies the true minimalist/adventurer lifestyle, it’s this one. Mandy created this company after her grandfather died, she was so inspired by the memories he created and the simple way he lived his life free of clutter and “stuff”, so she created this amazing company to provide simple accessories at everyday prices, so you can afford to create experiences and still look good while traveling.

I finished off the look with a few B&B bangles and some great canary lace up espadrille wedges from my March Shoedazzle credit. (For those of you interested you can get 75% off your first ShoeDazzle purchase with this link here.) I love how having a ShoeDazzle membership has enabled me to get out of my shoe comfort zone and really experiment with fun colors and shoe designs.

Have you been to Coachella yet?

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Road Trip Attire Tips

Since getting back from our road trip last week, it occurred to me that I haven’t written about how I dress for road trips in a while. So I decided to put together just a quick little post on how I go about making a decision this crucial.

For starters we all know the most important part of road trip rags is that they need to be comfortable above all else. For me, sitting in skin tight skinny jeans is NOT comfortable for 4-8 hours at all so I always opt for either leggings or a lightweight cotton dress. Just depends on how I feel when I wake up that morning to be honest.

On our trip to Savannah, I was in more of a leggings mood, so I picked these pleather finished ones, they look a little more jazzed up, but are still mostly made of cotton, with tons of stretch, making them the perfect road trip bottom.

I paired my leggings with a comfortable and hilarious screen tee. I showed you all some of my favorite screen tee looks a few weeks back in this post, and while my Grandmother is probably cringing, yes I actually BOUGHT this shirt from Target with the hole in it. I just love the distressed cotton look right now and it the “Not My Problem” graphic was so perfect for highway vibes. Oh you don’t like the music I’m picking? Not my problem, boo. haha

My hair never really makes it through a road trip for some reason. Car air conditioning just isn’t my BFF, even though I am forever thankful for it. So I threw on a hat and finished the look with a slouchy black sweater (cause you know sometimes you gotta keep it a little colder in the car than it really needs to be) and my running shoes to match the athleisure aesthetic the hat added to the look.


What’s your go-to road trip outfit?

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OTS + Cotton + Stripes.

OTS (off the shoulder) tops are SO my absolute favorite trend right now. I love that I can show off a little collar bone, and still keep my chubby little arms hidden under some sleeves. I also love that all OTS tops regardless of material, print, or color look so chic and fashion forward.

ots tops


When you mix the trendiness of an OTS top, with classic black and white stripes AND comfortable stretchy cotton, it creates a year round staple you’ll be rocking for the entirety of 2017 and possibly even 2018. When I found this one for $19 at Target I was SO excited and had to purchase it.

ots top

The length on this top makes it look amazing paired with any color of denim, but it’s also sleek enough to tuck into any high-waisted skirt you may have for a dressier occasion.

While I’m planning many more looks over the next few months with this top, I decided to keep it more laid back in this look with distressed mid-wash skinny jeans, braided detail boots, and a bold lip.

I like to keep my accessories pretty simple these days, and this Kendra Scott Tassel necklace literally matches everything I own, and helps elevate looks to a more polished level, when I want to look put-together without trying too hard. My bourbon & bowties bracelets were the perfect addition to my wrist to bring out a little personality with the simple options.

Lately I’ve also been really into this “ear crawler” style of earrings. They have all the simplicity of a stud and look great with anything from tee shirts to full on cocktail dresses. Since I’m all about an ear party too, I added my lightening bolt stud in my lower cartilage to make the accessories just a little more 90’s throwback.

bourbon and bowties bracelets

Finishing this outfit off with some awesome boots, that I probably am wearing out (ha ha) was a great choice to run after the kids in. This is also one of my favorite ways to wear my hair. Throw half of it up on the top of your head, and BAM! you’re stylish while only spending 3 minutes doing your hair!

ots tops

I linked my lip color in this post too, because I had a TON of questions about it on Insta, it’s a great dark color option for the spring/summer month’s because it’s not TOO deep of a color.

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LWD- The Little White Dress

While every girl definitely needs a classic LBD (little black dress) in their closet, a little white dress should also be thrown in their for Spring and Summer. White dresses are so bright, make your tan look incredible, and can easily be dressed up or down.

For a casually cute look for a trip to downtown Savannah with my 2 sister-in-laws, mother-in-law and all the kids, I paired this shift style sleeveless white dress with my embroidered denim jacket. The jacket wasn’t needed in the hot Georgia sun, but I do love the way the light wash denim contrasts so perfectly with the white dress.

The latter-lace trim on the dress adds a level of texture that elevates the dress, making it super easy to dress up with a classic pair of heels and a red lip. On this occasion though, I styled it with my Marc Fisher tan espadrille wedges. Perfect for a day time brunch or outing with girlfriends and not overly dressy, but still polished and put together.

Since the neckline runs high, I opted for dangly earrings. I LOVE all the options that Sugarfix by Baublebar has at Target, and these fun hot pink beaded tassel earrings were a perfect addition to the outfit. Have you added a little white dress to your wardrobe yet?

This dress is currently sold out, but I’ve linked similar affordable options that look great on every body type & my other outfit details here:


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The Lady & Sons – Savannah

You know what I LOVE? A good spur of the moment road trip. After Easter dinner last Sunday, my sister-in-law (Becky)  mentioned going to visit my other sister-in-law (Diana)  when my mother-in-law (Katie) was also planning on going up to visit.  (still following? lol)  Diana lives about 45 min away from Downtown Savannah, and since I have been DYING to check out Savannah, I decided to tag along with my crew.

the lady and sons restaurant paula seen

One of the major things I wanted to do on this visit was eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady & Sons, so after booking the hotel room, I quickly made our reservations. I couldn’t wait to dive in and splurge on some delicious southern cuisine.

When we got to the restaurant we immediately noticed the level of service was on a Southern Hospitality level we had never experienced before. Our server was excellent and the hostess was so sweet playing with all 5 kids we had in tow, bringing them crayons, and doling out high-fives left and right. After we got our drinks, a man came by with skillet fried corn bread, which Cash thought was a pancake, and the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth butter cheese biscuit I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

While I selected the lunch buffet as my main course, to get the MOST bang for my bucks, I also ordered an appetizer of fried green tomatoes. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the south I watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes approximately 1478 times, so I was SO excited to try some authentic ones! Served with Tangy Ranch (think ranch with lemon and tabasco) these green tomatoes were breaded with just the right about of sugar in the batter to compliment the tartness of the green tomato. These are a must try for anyone who plans on visiting.

When I filled my buffet plate I grabbed Macaroni & Cheese, Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Fried Chicken, BBQ Pork, Black Eyed Peas and just a taste of Cheesy Meatloaf. Obviously I wasn’t trying to eat healthy at this place, and I have no guilt or qualms about it. The macaroni was decadent, cheesy, and perfectly tender, the mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned, the chicken tasted like golden fried perfection, and I think my favorite part was actually the black eyed peas. Peas can be easily over/under salted but these were absolutely ¬†amazing right from the buffett. This entire meal reminded me of all the 5th Sunday dinner’s we would attend after church service as a kid. All the food was filled with butter and love.

We took our time eating our lunches, to be sure we had room for dessert. Our server brought us one of each dessert offered, so we could all enjoy a little bit of each one. Peach Cobbler, Banana Pudding, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cake(x2 in the picture). The Ooey Gooey Butter cake, both the regular and Chocolate versions were by far my favorite. It was as if a pound cake and a hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut had a delicious culinary baby. The texture melted in your mouth and the light glaze on top provided the perfect amount of sugary sweetness.

Brando had his first experience with Fried Chicken and was IN LOVE. All in all this was definitely worth the trip, and when I go back to Savannah I WILL be back at The Lady & Sons. Have you been to Savannah or Paula Deen’s restaurant? What did you order/think? Let me know in the comments below!


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