5 Tips for Simplifying your Closet

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We’ve all been there: a closet full of clothes yet seems like there’s nothing to wear. While I love to shop and am constantly on the look-out for affordable fashion, having a cohesive and functional wardrobe along with an organized closet makes getting ready each day so much easier. When you are able to look at your closet and know what fits and what each items looks great with, you’ll be able to start the day feeling wonderful about yourself rather than stressed out trying to find clothes. Since not everyone has the budget to shop for new items daily, making the most of your current closet situation and using apps like Hopster to save on daily expenditures are great ways to keep things budget friendly.

My philosophy is always “affordable fashion with seasonal splurges”, and that’s exactly how I shop. While I grab a few affordable items a week to add to my closet, I only splurge on a few must-have items that I save up for each season. Saving up for an item really allows you to picture it in your daily lifestyle and process how much you’ll use it, giving you a general price-per-wear on the items and letting you make a great investment you’ll be happy with for years to come. I use a few different ways to save up for these splurges including selling my gently used items, and using the Hopster app to get rebates on everyday purchases that I make.


Here are my 5 top tips for simplifying your wardrobe and cleaning out your closet to make sure getting ready each day is a joyous process.

1. Try on Everything and Remove things that don’t fit properly. Since I’m getting rid of baby weight still, I have some pre-pregnancy clothes that I’m not exactly ready to part with them. For clothes like this, I’ve packed them in a closet and stored them. It’s important to remove things that don’t fit out of your line of vision. Looking at something cute and remembering you can’t yet wear it is one sure way to set yourself up for failure in the mornings, instead, only display the clothing that fits properly in your closet, so that you’re sure you’ll look great in every item you see.

2. Organize Clothes in Sections. I enjoy having my closet divided into sections. I have all skirts/shorts in one area, dresses/jeans in another, and tops organized by color in the most accessible area of the closet. Having sections that are organized helps me to easily piece together looks in my mind’s eye without having to pull everything out of place to try it on. On days I haven’t shaved my legs, I go straight to my jeans area and then grab a cute top. On days when my self-tanner is looking on point, I can quickly browse through my sundresses to pick out the one that expresses my mood. An organized closet is key to wardrobe success.

3. Practice a Purging Method. Whether it be the “does this item bring me joy”, the “I haven’t worn it in a year”, or the “toss one item every time you buy something new” method. You need to have a practice in play when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe. Personally I shop for new items a few times a week, so I’m also constantly purging by season. At the end of each season I keep the top 10-15 items I wore constantly and then I purge the rest. This keeps my closet fresh and not bogged down with items that I only wore once and don’t plan on wearing again. I use a few apps to sell my old clothes online so that I can use those sales towards new item purchases. Apps like Hopster and others that help me earn money on my phone just by doing a few simple things, like uploading pictures, really help give me a constantly rotating closet. When you can let go of the old, and make room for the new, your closet will be much easier to navigate.


4. Save on the Splurges. I’m really big on big name handbags, sunglasses and occasionally shoes. I think about my splurges for a minimum of one week before I’ll decide to purchase bigger items. This gives me the chance to really add splurges that work into my wardrobe as multi-seasonal staples, and in the time I think about them, it also gives me a chance to find some savings. While I’m all about finding a good deal and coupons ahead of a shopping trip, the Hopster Mobile App helps generate rebates for all my purchases after the fact so that I can save even more money long term.


How it works: Download the Hopster app on your mobile device and choose your rebates from a wide selection of brands. Shop the brands at any store then upload a picture of the receipt with your rebate item purchase. Then the rebates are deposited into your paypal account as soon as the redemption is validated! It’s so simple, no waiting for a certain balance or number of business days to go by!

5. Get Inspired and Keep a List. Shopping is an inevitable part of my life, so to stay true to my personal style and keep my closet clutter free, I always get inspired and make shopping lists. When I find outfits on other bloggers I love I’ll screenshot them and immediately add a breakdown of the pieces to my “notes” in phone, or when I see a great magazine write-up with accessories I want to try, I’ll add more to my “notes”. Keeping a clear list on hand while shopping helps to keep me on track, and of course, I have veered from the list on several occasions, but the list prevents me from forgetting that finishing outfit touch that I so desperately need! Keeping lists for everyday shopping trips helps me find the best deals on my daily purchases so I can continue to save for those splurges. Whenever I make a grocery list I always am sure to check Hopster as well to see if there are any rebates on what I’m looking for before I head out for a shopping trip.

What’s your favorite way to save money when filling your closet, and how do you keep your wardrobe clutter free? Tell me in the comments below!

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