A Halloween Playdate


Being at the house with the boys on a daily basis can get dull I must admit, which is why I like to go all-out for every holiday you can think of! With Halloween being the kick-off to the holiday season, I always get started with fun holiday crafts & baked goods the very first week of October, to maximize holiday fun!


Our first Fall playdate was so much fun, planned with my best friend Amanda & her daughter, Liliana. Lily is very close to Cash’s age so they love playing together right now with Dinosaurs, colors, and watching Disney movies. I wanted to celebrate the upcoming holiday and get some seasonal baking done with Amanda so our families could enjoy delicious treats, so naturally, I bought basically ALL of the Halloween treats display so we could bake and decorate cupcakes with our littles. You’ll see regular chocolate chip cookie mix and yellow cake mix, to make these things Halloween-y I added 3 drops yellow/2 drops of red food coloring to the yellow cake mix to make them appear more orange, and I also let the kids pour Halloween sprinkles in the cake & cookie mix, semi-homemade “funfetti” 😉


Setting up this in an organized way was essential to not create a HUGE mess. When you take on the task of letting toddlers play with frosting and sprinkles, remind yourself that it’s about the memories, and let the mess happen.


Lily and Cash helped prepare the cookie batter by mixing all the ingredients in the big bowl, then forming cookie circles with clean hands, before putting them on the baking sheet. While our cookies and cupcakes baked, we sat down with crayons, and they each colored and added sparkly pumpkins to small “CANDY” themed canvases. While our cookies and cupcakes cooled, we made “Boo Bark”.


Boo Bark is really simple to make and great for letting little ones explore their love of the kitchen. You simply melt almond bark and pour it onto a wax paper lined baking sheet. While it’s still hot, let your kids add fun sprinkles, seasonal themed candies, and whatever else they want to, to make it a special experience and to promote their uniqueness. Once all toppings are added, pop it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes then break it apart!


Once all of our treats were cooled, Mommies iced the cupcakes using large Ziploc bags & Halloween colored icing. We set up a system so that once we iced a cupcake, the kids would add the sprinkles to the top. They had the MOST fun with this part (though both Lily & Cash attempted devouring 3-4 cupcakes before we even got the icing in the bags hahaha) as sprinkles are one of Cash’s favorite things, and Lily was so excited to be “making the cupcakes pretty with sprinkles”.


They both were so proud of themselves for assembling such wonderful treats for our family members. Not only was it special to create these memories with our little ones, but it was also wonderful and heartwarming to see them take such great pride in their accomplishments at such an early age.


Have you tried baking with a toddler? What did you make?

Spooky Spirits,


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