So there’s this new fashion trend called Athileisure. The concept: athletic attire worn casually and leisurely to places that aren’t the gym. While slightly skeptical at first, I HAD to try out this trend because any excuse for the comfort of spandex pants is at least worth a shot.



The basics of the athileisure trend are incredibly simple and probably items you already have in your closet! You just need 4 basic items and you’ll be rocking the look with ease and style!


  1. A nice pair of black leggings/skin-tight yoga pants. Black works best for maximum outfit options, but you can wear several other colors as well.
  2. A slouchy oversized tee-shirt. Who doesn’t LOVE these? amiright?!?! Comfortable with basically anything, these shirts are great-get them in every color. For an extra fashionable touch, tie a knot in the center or on one of the sides
  3. A high pony. You CAN wear your hair down, or however, but I feel that athileisure looks best with a high teased ponytail.                                                                     alpony
  4. Cool Sneakers. Y’all already know how I feel about these amazing Adidas Superstars. They complete the athileisure look adding just the right amount of trendiness to make this work.

There you have it, now you can go out and make all the people wonder if you’re heading to a sporting event or the gym! I must say this look was incredibly comfortable, I MIGHT be back to try this trend out again. 😉


Three Stripes,


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