basic street style

basic street style

While I love fashion forward clothing, I feel as though as I age, my style continues to evolve. 5 years ago I was wearing oversized bows and headbands with basically everything and pattern on pattern outfits were my favorite. While, I still have a good love for some pattern on pattern, currently my personal style is now pulled to more basics.

basics street style

I’ve recently started purging in a HUGE way. Basically my goal is to own as little as possible, so that I’m in love with every single thing I have. In an effort to declutter my life, my style has started to reflect that. Instead of purchasing a ton of inexpensive items that I’ll only wear once or twice, I like buying basics that I can wear over and over again, but still feel different in each outfit.

basic street style

A white v-neck is the most basic of basics, and to be honest I actually own about 3 right now. Target makes great boyfriend style relaxed v-necks, and when I found this awesomely soft cotton white v-neck bodysuit on sale, I picked it up knowing it’d be something I can continue to pair with multiple items in my closet and look fierce.

basic street style

For this outfit I paired my white v-neck bodysuit with a distressed denim cut-off skirt. This skirt is in a great mid-rinse so it looks great with basically every color of the rainbow, making it another great staple to have in a simpler wardrobe.

basic street style

Since the skirt is more of a high-waist, I belted the outfit with an adorably detailed black belt. This belt has an awesome western embossed silver buckle, so I selected silver accessories to round out the outfit. A small pair of crystal studs is the one accessory that will seriously go well with everything you own, so investing a little bit in a good pair that will last is a great idea. In keeping with the simple accessories them, I added a simple silver watch.

silver watch

Finally to really kick off this outfit in style I wore my Adidas Superstars, as they are the perfect leisure shoe. I love wearing these to make any outfit seem just a tad more street style.


What basics do you adore?

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