Going, Going, Blonde.

from dark brown hair to blonde

Anyone else love to make major hair changes when they go through a huge change? (Raises Hand) I recently made some major changes in my life, like a WHOLE lot, and to celebrate my newfound attitude I totally flipped the script and went from dark brown hair, to ashy blonde.

What Changed?

Life wise A LOT. I went through this serious Post-Pardom Depression where I didn’t want to shop and all I really wanted to do was sleep and eat and drink once the babies were in bed, and it was icky. As a result of the depression, I became completely unhappy in every aspect of my life, stopped blogging (you may have noticed), and blamed my marriage for the most part. James and I separated very briefly, but thankfully he’s a trooper and once I was able to sober up, clear my head from the fog, and see what and WHO really mattered, he was still there by my side.

love of my life

I started and finished real estate school and passed my state licensing exam on the first try! Little known fact about me: I actually had my license very briefly in 2007 when I was 19. But the housing market basically collapsed while I was in real estate school, and no one wanted to buy a house from a 19 year old when the economy was in shambles, so it wasn’t really a successful venture at that point in my life.

tampa real estate school

Having something to get up and get out and get ready for really brings me joy and I can’t wait to start flipping some houses! <3 PS- Holla if you want to move to Orlando yo, I’ll find ya a great deal 😉

To celebrate all these amazing changes, and my new lifestyle going blonde was something I really wanted to do. I was blonde when I started this blog and going back blonde has been something I’ve been considering over the last year. It’s a huge commitment, because to lighten my hair from dark to ash without having breakage it takes about 3 appointments over a 3 week span.

The biggest thing I can recommend is making sure you chose a stylist with a lot of experience with blondes, high quality products, and someone that you trust. When it comes to hair, it’s important to be direct, let the stylist know exactly what you want with plenty of pictures to back your dreams up so you’re all on the same page.

I have a good friend Jen who works at Eyes on You Salon & Spa, I’ve known Jen for more than 10 years, and knew I could trust her with my locks. Over the past 3 weeks, we’ve spent 3-4 hours a week together getting my tresses lightened and it’s been such a blast.

from dark brown hair to blonde

For starters, the salon uses Olaplex, which helps maintain your hairs integrity while it’s lightening. This is SO important for me because I didn’t want to lose any length during the coloring process. It’s just an extra $25 for the treatment, and I can’t recommend it enough! My hair felt so soft and smooth when it was all done!

from dark brown hair to blonde

Jen has one of those easy to chat with personality’s (as do all the other ladies at this salon), so going in for a 3 hr appointment actually flies by. They make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as you do hanging out with friends in your own house. (plus you know, your kids aren’t running around ROAR-ing like Dinosaurs at the salon, so it’s a little more refreshing)

brown hair to blonde hair

Jen also didn’t rush through our appointments. She took extra time to hand paint on most of my lightening treatments because I personally prefer a little root growth. She did the most perfectly blended natural looking ombre blonde hair I’ve seen. I love how my colors look natural and not so “bottle blonde”. The time she took to put in the extra work really paid off and I couldn’t be more appreciative!

from brown hair to blonde hair

If you’d like to refresh your look for spring and are in the Tampa area, give the ladies at Eyes On You a ring, they will make you look and feel amazing! <3 If you book an appointment with Jen and tell her I referred you (Brittany Clark or XoXo,B) she’ll hook you up with $20 off any treatment of $50 or more! Jen can also do a wide variety of treatment options including event make-up&hair, spray tanning, and individual lash extensions.  Just LOOK at the amazing before and after of these lashes (the top is the after)!

individual lash extensions


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