Bump Love. 

So I’m 24 weeks pregnant now. Wow. This one is flying by (thankfully!) and I have now started to show a ton. It was just like overnight, woke up and I was huge!

During my first pregnancy I made it very clear that I don’t do maternity labeled clothing. I understand some people have a need to spend an extra $30 for something they can only wear for 4 months, but that’s not me. I bought a BeBand at Target for $15, and I use a hair-tie to extend the jeans I have that are pre-pregnancy sizes.

For tops I have bought a few items in the next size up, but I figure since I’ll be breast-feeding for a while after the baby is born, it’s highly unlikely my cheast will get any smaller after birth, so these are tops I’ll be able to wear for the next year.

Today is a gorgeous day, and while I do have to work, I spent a little extra time getting myself ready to take Cash to a play class at the Library this morning so I could get in some cute bump pics.

I paired my LTD slim boyfriend jeans with  a navy and green flannel. Then, to emphasize that I’m pregnant and not just a fatty, I added a belt at the waist.

This is a perfectly comfortable and stylish outfit that any expecting momma can put together without spending $150 at Motherhood! 

Navy&Green Flannel Shirt: Charlotte Russe $24.99; 678 Slim Boyfriend Jeans: The Limited $79.95; Fringe Sandals: Target $27.99; Ikat Woven Belt: J.Crew   $39.50; Arrowhead Necklace: House of Harlow 1960 $65)



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