iFly US – Tampa Event

One of the greatest perks of being a blogger is getting to attend some awesome events. A few weeks ago at the Tampa location of iFly US was one of those fun perks. Local bloggers were invited to go out to iFly and experience what they have to offer as well as go indoor skydiving with a guest. Naturally, since James is terrified of heights, I took him.

When we got there we were invited to sit in their party room and munch down on some refreshments as the event host explained to us in detail all the different event options that they offer. You can rent the whole place out for a corporate event (that’d be such a fun company team building bash), or even host your child’s birthday party there, where they can provide everything but the cake!

After chowing down, we watched a short video about what the hand signals meant, as we were with one of their professional flight instructors during our time in the tube. The instructor gave us hand signals to help us perfect our flying position in the wind tunnel. We then suited up and got ready for “take off”.

Honestly I was really nervous about flying in the tube. I was anxious about what it would feel like, and also worried I may not get my position perfect or would injure myself in some way. Stepping up to my turn I actually almost turned around thinking “I can’t do this”. However, I’m so glad I took one step forward instead of reverse, because once I got in I had SO much fun!

It doesn’t feel scary like when you’re on a roller coaster, you actually more so feel like the weightlessness of swimming with the wind blowing all around you. Your stomach doesn’t drop to the pit of your belly as I was imagining it would, which was a nice relief. We each got to fly for 1 minute each, and we took two turns.

On the second turn, James- who had a tough time with his positioning the first time around, decided to sit out, and good thing he did, because the instructor flew us all individually up to the high part of the tunnel.

I had a blast, and thankfully the amount of wind blocks noise because the first time we went up I think I screamed like a little girl. I span upwards and downwards in the tunnel in a kind of circle formation with the instructor, Alex. He was great and so helpful! After our flights we all got flight certificates and links to pictures and videos of our flight sessions! Check my video out here!


I’d definitely recommend a trip to iFly as a fun family or friends outing. The experience is truly a memory maker and it’s safe for kids as young as 3 to fly!


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The Lady & Sons – Savannah

You know what I LOVE? A good spur of the moment road trip. After Easter dinner last Sunday, my sister-in-law (Becky)  mentioned going to visit my other sister-in-law (Diana)  when my mother-in-law (Katie) was also planning on going up to visit.  (still following? lol)  Diana lives about 45 min away from Downtown Savannah, and since I have been DYING to check out Savannah, I decided to tag along with my crew.

the lady and sons restaurant paula seen

One of the major things I wanted to do on this visit was eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant The Lady & Sons, so after booking the hotel room, I quickly made our reservations. I couldn’t wait to dive in and splurge on some delicious southern cuisine.

When we got to the restaurant we immediately noticed the level of service was on a Southern Hospitality level we had never experienced before. Our server was excellent and the hostess was so sweet playing with all 5 kids we had in tow, bringing them crayons, and doling out high-fives left and right. After we got our drinks, a man came by with skillet fried corn bread, which Cash thought was a pancake, and the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth butter cheese biscuit I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

While I selected the lunch buffet as my main course, to get the MOST bang for my bucks, I also ordered an appetizer of fried green tomatoes. I don’t know about you, but growing up in the south I watched the movie Fried Green Tomatoes approximately 1478 times, so I was SO excited to try some authentic ones! Served with Tangy Ranch (think ranch with lemon and tabasco) these green tomatoes were breaded with just the right about of sugar in the batter to compliment the tartness of the green tomato. These are a must try for anyone who plans on visiting.

When I filled my buffet plate I grabbed Macaroni & Cheese, Homemade Mashed Potatoes, Fried Chicken, BBQ Pork, Black Eyed Peas and just a taste of Cheesy Meatloaf. Obviously I wasn’t trying to eat healthy at this place, and I have no guilt or qualms about it. The macaroni was decadent, cheesy, and perfectly tender, the mashed potatoes were perfectly seasoned, the chicken tasted like golden fried perfection, and I think my favorite part was actually the black eyed peas. Peas can be easily over/under salted but these were absolutely  amazing right from the buffett. This entire meal reminded me of all the 5th Sunday dinner’s we would attend after church service as a kid. All the food was filled with butter and love.

We took our time eating our lunches, to be sure we had room for dessert. Our server brought us one of each dessert offered, so we could all enjoy a little bit of each one. Peach Cobbler, Banana Pudding, Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Ooey Gooey Chocolate Butter Cake(x2 in the picture). The Ooey Gooey Butter cake, both the regular and Chocolate versions were by far my favorite. It was as if a pound cake and a hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut had a delicious culinary baby. The texture melted in your mouth and the light glaze on top provided the perfect amount of sugary sweetness.

Brando had his first experience with Fried Chicken and was IN LOVE. All in all this was definitely worth the trip, and when I go back to Savannah I WILL be back at The Lady & Sons. Have you been to Savannah or Paula Deen’s restaurant? What did you order/think? Let me know in the comments below!


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Before I Die…I want to Live

before i die wall

before i die wall

Have you ever made a bucket list? Have you ever THOUGHT of making a bucket list? I haven’t, and here’s why. I never like to think about death. I know that sounds pretty freaking obvious, but hear me out for a bit. It’s hard for me to list things I want to do “before I die” because I just want to live while I’m alive. hahaha sounds like a Bon Jovi song I know.


Since experiencing postpartum depression with Brando, I feel more aware of my life, and realize that I need to not just have a desire to live in the moment, but prepare for the future and make myself some real goals.

before i die wall

Visiting this wall in Downtown Saint Pete with my sister, who is also battling depression was really meaningful to me today. While the chalk didn’t work, and I hadn’t really prepared an answer that settled with me the right way, it still made me think.

before i die wall

In this wall stands so many different stories, so many different goals (ex: sleep with a 27 year old…Sing like Whitney…Find Myself…), so many different people. Yet we all shared a common experience at that wall, we all stopped and thought, and even if they were meaningless, we all for a brief moment- felt our own mortality. So while I couldn’t just think of ONE thing to put on a wall, I made a list.

before i die wall

Before I Die…

I will visit France.
I will watch my boys fall in love with someone.
I will own a house.
I will read Don Quixote.
I will get the “Rules of Attraction” tattoo I’ve been wanting.
I will get down to my goal weight (at least once just to say I did it and know that experience for myself.)
I will make macaroons.
I will look up.
I will visit my grandfather’s grave.
I will write my book.
I will not stop loving, ever.

While I know there’s so much more than this list that I want out of my life. It’s nice to have some goals to reach for. I feel like all of these things are things I’m capable of achieving, and I look forward to checking all these things on my list one day.
before i die wall

What do you want to do before you die?

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Hello Floral Skirt & The Hello Kitty Cafe

floral skirt outfit

While it may seem unseasonable to most, Spring is basically here in Florida and I could not be more ecstatic. The weather here is nice a breezy daily, and warm-but not too hot. Last weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe stopped by International Plaza and I HAD to wear this new floral skirt I got for the sweet treat adventure.

floral skirt outfit

This skirt is great. (similar)  The elastic waistband allows movement and stretch, so I can continue to wear it comfortably as I start to shed this extra baby weight that’s been hanging around my mid-section. To keep the skirt more casual for a trip to the mall, I paired it with a simple white tank top and a structured mid-rinse denim jacket.

floral skirt

I finished off the look with these adorable lace-up ballet flats, so I could easily shop around the mall when I was finished waiting in line for the Hello Kitty Cafe.

hello kitty cafe

For those unfamiliar with the Hello Kitty Cafe, let me divulge. The Hello Kitty Cafe is a food truck painted in pink and serving up treats every little girl (and grown woman) dreams of. I grabbed a 4 pack of petit fours cakes that were adorably decorated Sanrio style. The cafe also offered: Mini Bow Cookies and Rainbow Macaroons which were hard to pass up, but I stayed good to my one cheat.

My outfit matched the truck perfectly as you can see, and I had such an awesome time. Everyone in line at the truck was in a great mood, ready to experience something cool, original, and super fun. Me and Brando made friends with the three guys behind us in line and all laughed and talked about what we’d be purchasing.

The petit fours tasted just as amazing as they looked, and I know for sure next time the Hello Kitty Cafe comes to town, I’ll totally be matching in pink again, and be grabbing those macaroons too! <3

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