An American in Paris, in America…

american in paris

I have had Paris on my mind A LOT this year. I’ve never been there, hell, I’ve never even left the USA. I don’t even have a passport, but I do plan on visiting France at some point because honestly I just know I’ll adore everything about it. From the French countryside, to the gorgeous art & culture I love daydreaming about this place I’ve never been to. Since I can’t ACTUALLY go to France right now, I enjoy hitting […]

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iFly US – Tampa Event

One of the greatest perks of being a blogger is getting to attend some awesome events. A few weeks ago at the Tampa location of iFly US was one of those fun perks. Local bloggers were invited to go out to iFly and experience what they have to offer as well as go indoor skydiving with a guest. Naturally, since James is terrified of heights, I took him. When we got there we were invited to sit in their party […]

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The Lady & Sons – Savannah

You know what I LOVE? A good spur of the moment road trip. After Easter dinner last Sunday, my sister-in-law (Becky)  mentioned going to visit my other sister-in-law (Diana)  when my mother-in-law (Katie) was also planning on going up to visit.  (still following? lol)  Diana lives about 45 min away from Downtown Savannah, and since I have been DYING to check out Savannah, I decided to tag along with my crew. One of the major things I wanted to do […]

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Before I Die…I want to Live

before i die wall

Have you ever made a bucket list? Have you ever THOUGHT of making a bucket list? I haven’t, and here’s why. I never like to think about death. I know that sounds pretty freaking obvious, but hear me out for a bit. It’s hard for me to list things I want to do “before I die” because I just want to live while I’m alive. hahaha sounds like a Bon Jovi song I know. Since experiencing postpartum depression with Brando, […]

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Hello Floral Skirt & The Hello Kitty Cafe

floral skirt outfit

While it may seem unseasonable to most, Spring is basically here in Florida and I could not be more ecstatic. The weather here is nice a breezy daily, and warm-but not too hot. Last weekend the Hello Kitty Cafe stopped by International Plaza and I HAD to wear this new floral skirt I got for the sweet treat adventure. This skirt is great. (similar)  The elastic waistband allows movement and stretch, so I can continue to wear it comfortably as […]

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