Clark Crib: A Batman Bathroom

While I’m honestly not too much into kitschy character home decor, Cash has always had a thing for Batman, he gets that from James. To give the boys something a little fun and personalization when it comes to their own spaces, I thought allowing a little fun in their bathroom would be a great way to do it. I should note that we do have a separate bathroom downstairs for guests, so this bathroom is completely just for the boys!

While I still need to find a few more odds and ends for the countertops, here’s what we did for an adorable and only slighty kitschy Batman bathroom! So far we have this cute striped toothbrush cup and these funny Little Tikes Joker’s (need to find the Batmobile one obvs haha)

I started with this really cool Black Batman Symbol shower curtain, it’s nice and easy to wash, so with black shower curtain rings, it fit a superhero bathroom perfectly. I also added a black rug by the sink to make it a little more cozy.

Since the bathroom is much smaller, and really isn’t being used that much right now, we didn’t need to add a bunch of frills and space saving items yet. The black hand towels match the room perfectly and were SO cheap for the quality!


Above the towel rack I finished off the bathroom decor with a mini-gallery arrangement. A lot of these pieces I just designed on PicMonkey then sent to the Walgreens Photo Lab online and printed out in different sizes. To keep it cohesive I made sure each piece had a black frame, and there’s no more than the width of my hand between each picture.

Pretty basic stuff over here in the boy’s Batman bathroom, but sometimes it’s the simple ideas that kid’s enjoy the most. I’d also rather put my money into spaces that get a ton of use than do-it-up like crazy in their bathroom at this point. What do you think!?

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