Closet Remix

I, like many other people, have too many things in my closet that I don’t wear frequently enough. One of my goals is to wear the things I love more often in different ways. A closet remix is such an easy way to dust off the pieces you haven’t worn in a while and bring a new life to them.

For this closet remix, I picked out this gorgeous and super flattering black swing dress. I’ve had this dress for a little under a year now and used to wear it all the time with dressy shoes, and nice dainty accessories. Because I always wore it in a more polished setting, I never viewed it as casual attire, so it just hangs out in my closet, not getting a ton of use.

While preparing to go out with James and the boys one night for dinner and light shopping, I found the dress and committed to styling it in a more relaxed fashion. Adding these ADIDAS Superstar sneakers, and an embroidered denim jacket proved just right. I also kept accessories to a minimum with just a simple gold necklace, and did my straightened hair in a half up-half down style to reflect a more chill vibe. James kept telling me how good I looked, and I felt really comfortable all evening.

Black pairs with denim so well, so adding sneakers and a denim jacket to your favorite fancy little black dress is a great way to get it out of the closet more often! All in all I’d say this closet remix was a success.

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