Cozy Coffee Run


9 more days! I’m going to meet baby number two in just 9 days! Whoo-hoo! That being said, I don’t exactly feel guilty indulging in my Carmel Macchiato cravings now! For my run out to Starbucks with Cash I thought I just “threw on” something comfortable and it actually turned out to be a super cute outfit! This outfit was so cozy just to throw on in the morning and grab some coffee!



These striped cotton shorts are so comfortable, if I weren’t pregnant I wouldn’t have thought of wearing them for anything but around the house, but being at the peak of huge belliness has sparked a new era of wardrobe creativity. I love how these shorts paired with a periwinkle boyfriend tee from Old Navy and my classic white slip-on Vans.



This is great everyday outfit, if you find yourself with no plans except a coffee run and an afternoon in Target! These next few days are going to be so much fun accomplishing all the finishing touches in The Second Clark’s nursery, and getting our bags ready to check in to the hospital next Monday!


Fraps & Cake Pops,


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  1. Such a cute outfit!!! Nothing better than when a comfy outfit is also a chic one 🙂

  2. Love! I didn’t not even realize you were pregnant until reading your 9 more days sentence. Wow! Congrats and enjoy!

    1. thanks! haha That’s a good thing I guess! I feel huge I can’t wait to have my body back, well at least parts of it lol