Disney Style: Belle Disney Bound + Be Our Guest Brunch

More often than not, as a young little girl, there’s that ONE princess that is your absolute favorite. For my nieces, it’s mainly been Elsa & Anna (with the exception of one Star Wars fanatic who is obsessed with Rey), and for me, it’s definitely always been Belle. My love of Beauty and the Beast runs through my veins and gets me all nostalgic for the days of my childhood when it was totally acceptable to carry around a basket of books and sing “there must be more than this provincial life”. When the Be Our Guest restaurant opened at Disney, I wanted nothing more than to experience details the of Belle’s Castle and try the “grey stuff”.

Getting a reservation at Be Our Guest is an ordeal on it’s own because everyone like me from all around the world is also trying to have their Belle experience. Here’s a little tip: I’ve noticed that when trying to book it days/weeks/months in advance I won’t have a lot of luck on the Disney app, however, checking it the night before a trip to the Kingdom I’ve been able to find dozens of times for reservations, so ALWAYS check the night before if you want to eat there!

We went to brunch around 10:30am, there were plenty of open seats and three different dining areas to choose from. Here’s how it works for those who haven’t been: during breakfast and lunch you order your food from a touch screen kiosk, where you also pay. You then find any open seat in any dining area you like and wait. A cast member comes by, checks your receipt to know where to have what food delivered, and within 5-15 minutes, another cast member comes by with your food and a selection of pastries for the table.

James selected the Charcuterie, a tray of assorted cured meats and cheeses since he’s not into eggs in the least. The cheeses were very great along with some delicious fresh blackberries, it was a nice and healthy, sweet and savory brunch for James. I went with the Croque Madam, an open-faced ham sandwich with a fried egg,  Gruyere Cheese, and Béchamel. This dish was rich in flavor and very savory. I only finished half of my meal because I wanted to taste all the flavors I could, including some of the amazing complimentary pastries that accompanied our meal. My favorite of the pastry selection was most definitely the mini blueberry muffin, the blueberries inside were super fresh, and gave it a nice flavor and texture combination.

All in all this brunch was so satisfying and definitely worth the 3 year wait. I love that Be Our Guest not only met, but exceeded my expectations, having anticipated this meal for so long, it was beyond what I was hoping for! We finished off our meal with The Master’s Cupcake, aka “The Grey Stuff”. It was a super sweet chocolate sponge cupcake with grey whipped icing. The icing was light and fluffy and very sweet, and the chocolate cupcake complimented it perfectly, using a spongecake instead of regular cake mix, really set this apart from a typical cupcake, making it super memorable for me.

Since we knew we were dining at Be Our Guest, I obviously had to make all my 8-year-old self’s dreams come true and dress like Belle. Disneybounding (when you dress yourself to look like a princess or disney character for a visit to the park) is so simple once you get the hang of it. I paired a great blue skirt with a simple white top and lace-up ballet flats. This look is very similar to Belle’s everyday outfit (a blue dress layered with a white shirt and white apron), and was comfortable enough to walk around the park in for a few rides after brunch.

I was in awe of the amount of detail put into Be Our Guest, the three dining hall options are so reminiscent and reflective of the movie. One area, The West Wing, even houses that clawed picture of the prince himself and the enchanted rose. James and I ate on the “dance floor”, the area made to look like that unforgettable castle scene when Belle and Beast meet at the staircase and dance all night. The ceiling and chandeliers in this room looked exactly like the cartoon and I basically just need to paint my ceiling now.

Have you been to Be Our Guest? Any tips on getting a dinner reservation, cause I’m trying to try out dinner next. <3 (linked similar items I’m wearing if you’re interested in doing a Belle-Disneybound. These are great everyday wardrobe pieces too, I wear each piece individually about once a week!)

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