Disney’s Up Theme Party


My Birthday is coming up! I LOVE birthdays, it just doesn’t get any better than celebrating someone’s life, be it my own or someone I care about, a celebration is always fun for me. With my birthday approaching I have been reminiscing about Cash’s 2nd Birthday party we threw in November. It was so much fun, and I’m excited to share with you some of the super awesome details we went into to plan this spectacular backyard bash.


For Cash’s party I wanted to do something cute that he would enjoy, that also wasn’t too basic or kitschy. He has an obsession with balloons and bubbles so I thought an UP themed party would work wonderfully. If you haven’t seen Disney’s Up, it’s a great story about creating adventures in every stage of your life and I highly suggest it for family movie night (be prepared to ugly cry during the first 10 minutes though). Balloons are a big deal in the movie since the main character Carl, decides to float his house via helium balloons to Paradise Falls, South America. Since Carl is an older gentleman, the movie also has small touches of nostalgic americana fair which is what I went with as far as overall decor & snacks concepts.


Our main gift to Cash was this sweet little playhouse, to fit it into the theme we rented a helium tank and blew up 150 balloons! We used them all over and gave them away as favors for the kids when they left, so they turned out to be fabulous and fun decorations!


Aside from the balloons, I also focused on Vintage snacking. Carl and Ellie worked at a Zoo, so I figured Animal Crackers, Glass Bottled Soda, and Fresh Popcorn were great personal touches to add to the theme.


While toddlers aren’t much for games they LOVE running around, so hosting this in the backyard with a few extra seating areas for the adults worked out wonderfully. All the kids had a blast playing in the playhouse, and since everyone there was a parent we all had a great laugh watching them have so much crazy fun!


To wrap up all the fun we created an Adventure Book for Cash to keep his birthday memories in. Each guest signed it with an idea for a fun adventure for him to do this year! It was awesome reading the ideas after the party was over.



Do you have a favorite themed birthday party you’ve hosted for your kids?



Carl&Ellie 4ever,




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