Dragon Queen Hair & DIY Mother of Dragons Costume

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know how obsessed with a certain show about a game with some thrones I am, and the Dragon Queen is my absolute favorite character (though I’ve been told I’m more of a red-haired queen of the north personality wise) I seriously can not get enough of the show, and since we’re quickly (or slowly depending on how long you’re waiting for the last season) approaching the end of this wonderful show, so this year when selecting my Halloween costume, I knew for sure that “Mother of Dragons” had my name written all over it.

While you can get wigs and really accurate looking costumes online for a heavy price tag, Dany basically just wears a ton of black with a cape this season, so it’s really easy to put together an affordable Dragon Queen costume right from your closet and do your own hair to mimic the gorgeous braids the breaker of chains wears.

For my costume I paired these AMAZING over the knee boots that are very badass and totally something Dany would wear, with a short black mini skirt, black top and a black cape. I looked in a few places for a simple black cape to buy, but with no luck, decided to make my own. This was a simple project that added such a great amount of detail to my costume without costing a fortune. I found this black faux alligator fabric, and got 4 ft cut for my cape.

I then simply cut the fabric where I wanted my top to be in a large U shape, so that it laid nicely over the shoulders. I wanted to have an element of dragons, so I beheaded two of my sons dinosaur toys and used a hot glue gun to attach them to heavy duty snaps. I then painted the dino head and snaps with a metallic silver acrylic paint and let them dry.

As my snaps were drying I added the base of the snaps via hot glue gun, to the part of my cape that they would rest across, adding on a chain to give it that extra GOT element. Last step for my cape was to simply hot glue my dried dragon snaps over the snap bases/chain for a finished cape!

Moving on to my Dragon Queen hair, this was such a fun hairstyle and super simple to do. I’ve seen a lot of waterfall braid tutorials, but I just don’t have that skill set, I found a way to get the same gorgeous look, with much less work. I did this hair style 4 days after my last hair washing, so my hair wasn’t “dirty” but also had a good texture too it, and was oily enough to hold the style and be flexible in placement.

  1. Create small braids on each side of your head. Khalessi’s part is slightly off center, so I swapped up my original part. For these first two braids I just used a smaller piece of hair, what would be my “bangs”, to make these braids small, but big enough to stand out.                                          khaleesi hairkhaleesi hair
  2. Then I created two larger braids, using about a 2 inch section of my hair directly underneath the smaller braid.                                             khaleesi hair
  3. I pinned the braids to the top of my head to get them out of the way, then started to build up my hair with the Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray, by teasing the rest of my hair that was not braided.                                 khaleesi hair
  4. After my hair looked nice and big, I went over the unbraided parts of my hair with a 1 inch curling iron, curling in sections 1inch or less to give the illusion of more hair and more volume.                               
  5. After another full spray of Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray to hold the curls, I was ready to place my braids. Using blonde bobby pins, I first placed the larger braids into place. I simply criss-crossed the larger braids and pinned them.                                                              
  6. Once the larger braids were in place, I placed the smaller braids on top of them. I pinned the excess strands of hair from the smaller braid into the larger braid for a neatly polished look.                                     
  7. One more all-over coat of Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray was all I needed to finish off these amazingly simple and long lasting Mother of Dragons hair look! If you want to be a little more accurate to Dany’s look in GOT you can use temporary white hair paint from a spray bottle, or follow these instructions on a platinum blonde wig depending on how serious about your costume you are!                                                          

The Got2b® Volumaniac Hairspray was hands down the star of this hair show. With a great backcombing effect, and insane amounts of volume, this spray really gave me the Khalessi hair of my dreams. I have naturally very thin hair that doesn’t hold ANYTHING for longer than 1-2hours, but was able to make my Dany hair last all day and night with Got2b®’s amazing formula.

You can find Got2B products and all the other necessity’s to build your own costume at Walmart and you can earn $1 with ibotta on all your favorite Got2b® items. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Tell me all the costume details in the comments below!

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