Eat Like a Local – Shortcake Season at Parksdale Farms


In Central Florida we get three seasons: hot, cold, and Strawberry. From late January to late March with it’s peak being end of February/early March, this magical fruit is harvested and we reap the $6.99/flat rewards. The entirety of my mother’s side of the family comes from Plant City, aka Strawberry Mecca. In early March thousands of tourists heard into the Strawberry Festival just to get a taste of this small town’s magic.


I don’t really enjoy the festival as much because of the crowds, but a less known spot is right outside the festival grounds honoring the tradition of the festival, and the Queen B(erry) in it’s own delicious way. Parksdale Farms from the outside just looks like your basic run of the mill fruit stand on the side of a busy road. While you can score awesome deals on produce that’s grown locally, you can also grab a shortcake (from Jan-April) or a famous strawberry milkshake and relax.


I’ve been eating shortcake at Parksdale Farms as long as I can remember, it’s one of my very favorite places to go because it’s so reminiscent of small town America. The place just feels like home every time I’m there, and I want my children to remember it the way that I do, which is why I decided to take Cash with me one day to enjoy a pre-lunch dessert with our weekly produce shopping.


Cash got a milkshake and I got a shortcake. These treats were delicious, but didn’t feel too heavy which is perfect for a prego like me right now. Sometimes indulging in something too heavy or filling can make me need a nap in the middle of the day, so the freshness of the berries mixed with the lightness of the homemade whipped cream & shortcake are the perfect treat!



I love that Parksdale is so involved in it’s city’s history. Founded by Roy Parke in 1968, this business has been running strong in Plant City for 48 years! In addition to the fresh produce and tasty treats you can also take a picture in a giant Strawberry chair, and check out some of the places they’ve hosted visitors from!


This is such a fun place to visit, if you’re in the Central Florida area I highly recommend stopping by and maybe buying a bag or two of their famous Strawberry Cookies for your journey home! They are open Monday-Sunday 9am-6pm!



Shortcake & Berries,


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