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Cybex Balios Stroller
This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Balios Stroller and Aton Q Infant Car Seat to facilitate my review.
Cybex Balios Stroller

Baby Brando is now 2 weeks old today. I would be lying if I said this that the time is flying by. James and I have been running on about 4 nonconsecutive hours of sleep a night and it’s been rough to get out and about or be motivated to get anything done. One thing I have learned in this first two weeks with two kids is that it’s really important to enjoy the small victories, and have little adventures that help the days pass in a fun way.

Aton Q Carseat by Cybex

Over the weekend, we took Cash and Brando out just to the park in our subdivision, parked ourselves in the grass, and ate lunch. Cash ran all around the playground and expelled a lot of his excess energy, which gave us all a great nap time later on in the day. While we watched Cash play, Brando laid on his blanket in the grass and posed for the most adorable pictures. I love that we were able to create such a great little daytime memory from such a long night of exhaustion. Here are some other ideas for small summertime adventures you can have with your children. They aren’t looking for grand gestures, it’s important to remember, they just want your time and attention at the end of the day, that’s enough.

Cybex Balios Stroller

  1. Picnic in the Park. -This is what we did and it was fabulous and easy! Didn’t take long to make some sandwiches and wash some fruit and we were out the door!
  2. Family Movie Marathon.- Lately Cash has been OBSESSED with Dinosaurs, so we bought him a couple dinosaur toys, and watched all of the Jurassic Park’s! He loved reenacting the loud ROAR’s with his little toys!
  3. Ice Cream Outing. – Find a local ice cream spot and take the family out for a little treat. Whether you grab cones or sundaes, ice cream is always a winner and a fun way to get the family together.
  4. Game Night.- While this is kind of on every list always to kill time, breaking out the board games is a ton of fun, to really get everyone in the spirit of competition, grab a small toy or gift card for the victor!
  5. Pool/Beach Time.– Depending on your location, a family trip to the beach or local pool can be just what everyone needs to de-stress and unwind. It’s great to soak up the sun while cooling off in a nice pool to beat the heat!

Cybex Balios Stoller

No matter what small adventures you may end up going on it’s certainly important to have the right gear for the kids to travel with, which is why I love my Cybex Aton Q carseat and Balios Stroller. Available at BuyBuyBaby, these two pieces have already made the transition into having two kids so much easier. I can drive easily knowing how safe Brando is in the Aton Q, and when we arrive at our destination, I look like the coolest mom ever with the sleek and sophisticated design of the Balios. I also adore that the Balios is SO versatile! When Brando wants to sleep I can easily recline his stroller to lay down almost like a bassinet, and when Cash gets tired of walking I can just as simply wear Brando, and allow Cash to sit upright and view the world wherever we are! The convertibility of this stroller is honestly one of my favorite features hands down!

Cybex Balios Stroller

While out and about the other day I received so many compliments on the Balios as well. I love that the design of this stroller isn’t so typical. I looked through pages and pages of strollers online in an attempt to find one that matched my style and wasn’t so kitschy, and nothing even came close to comparing to the Balios! It matches my style to a T and keeps me in with the In-Crowd Moms!

Cybex Balios Stroller

What are some adventures you plan on taking with your family this summer?


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  1. Your kids are beautiful and the stroller looks pretty cool. Is the stroller just for newborns?

    1. No, this stroller is for all kids! The versatility is incredible! I use it laying flat for my newborn, and also upright facing forward for my almost 3 year old! It holds up to 55lbs!

  2. I don’t have any kids yet but loved this post! Your tips for things to do with the kiddos are great! And your kids are adorable!