Fabric Shorts Comfort

I was beyond blessed this Christmas, James and my mother went out of their way to get me some of the BEST fashionable presents! I especially love my new mini Michael Kors clutch, Betsey Johnson bag, and this great Kate Moss tee that James picked out for me!
I paired the tee with some really comfortable high-waisted patterned fabric shorts and tied a little red scarf belt around my waist to add a pop of color.

James picked out this black bauble necklace for me last year and it paired nicely with the look

This oversized black watch added some masculine flair to my feminine look which I LOVE.

And I’m so grateful to my mother for grabbing this sophisticated little MK clutch for Christmas! Best.Gift.Ever!

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This is a great way to jazz up a plain ol’ weekday look and still feel perfectly comfortable running around with the kids!
Photo Credit: My fabulous sister-in-law Diana Cooper who is starting her very own photography company Nostalgic Regalia




Cotton and Comfort,

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