Fall Colors for Spring & Summer


I love a great contrasting color palette in an outfit. Anything that you normally wouldn’t “expect” to go together because of how diverse the colors are often tends to provide the perfect amount of contrast to make an outfit interesting and have depth.


While I keep getting bigger towards the end of this pregnancy, I’m still trying my best to not purchase anything “Maternity” labeled (with the exception of my Belly Band) since I only have 6.5 weeks left and would rather spend that money on creating a fabulous nursery. When I came across this mustard cardigan and olive cotton body con skirt from the fall, while searching for something comfortable that I could still fit into, I knew I wanted to make it work for the current season because the outfit offers a lot of stretch and awesome movement for my large-self.



Mustard and Olive pair wonderfully together, naturally, but since they are both toned down to an almost neutral state, to liven up the colors for spring it’s very important to accessorize the look with pop colors that stand out. I went with these great turquoise dangles, a bright white cami, and black woven espadrilles to make this comfortable look seasonally appropriate for spring. By accessorizing in fun ways, you can make your closet last a lot longer, from Fall-Summer.


Mad about Saffron,


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  1. I think this is a great color combo! It goes great! And I can’t believe you’ve gotten this far not buying anything labeled maternity!!

    1. I only did a few maternity maxi dresses during my first pregnancy, I just can’t justify paying SO much more for clothing that is literally only good for 6 months at most.

  2. You look great in that outfit! I also bought a lot of non-maternity clothes, in one or two sizes bigger than I usually wear. It was much more cost effective. I agree that it is more fun to spend the money on the nursery. : 0 )

    1. EXACTLY! Because I’m only 4’10 Maternity clothes don’t even fit me properly for the most part, so I really just CANNOT justify the cost! Glad someone else agrees!

  3. Great colors! I was the same way with my last pregnancy, not wanting to buy any maternity clothing. My Bella Band got me through the last months too!