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film festival at home

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film festival at home

My family is centered around a love of cinema. When James and I first met, one of the biggest things we had in common was our love of the same movies. We used to go to the theater religiously each weekend to “help the box office stats” of the cinematic adventures we knew we would love. As we’ve adjusted into family life as parents, our trips out to the actual theater are few and far between, and we’re watching a lot more animated flicks than the black-and-white foreign features we used to.

Minor details aside not too much has changed, we still adore movies and love sharing some of our classic favorites with Cash, our son. We have a family movie night at LEAST once a week where we snuggle up on the couch, have indulgent snacks, and laugh at the latest animated flick. This time together as a family of three is absolutely incredible and I hope that Cash will remember these special treat nights as he grows up.

Walmart family mobile

Our party of 3 is soon to be a party of 4, and we’ve been trying our best to make the most of our time with just one child extra special for Cash. I want him to have memories as an only child, so he will always know how loved and special he is being our first child. Over the weekend, I put together a family film festival for us to enjoy in the comfort of our living room, and it turned out so perfect! Here are some tips for putting together your own impromptu film festival at home with a little one!

Pick Movies Everyone Will Enjoy. I mean, duh, right?! When you have a toddler it’s important to pick movies you know they will pay attention to. Make it a learning experience by picking a “theme” so all your movies will have the same scenery and similar main characters for your toddler to understand some new words & what they mean! Our theme was “Under the Sea”, so I picked out 3 films that were set in the ocean: Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and The Little Mermaid. Cash LOVED the music in The Little Mermaid, and kept saying “turtle” “fish” and “shark”, so he’s definitely got a better grasp of ocean life now. While James may have snoozed a tad during The Little Mermaid, he really paid attention to Shark Tale, because it had some adult humor, and we all love the classic Finding Nemo!

film festival at home

Have an Intermission. No kid can be expected to sit still for the entire 6 hours of a 3-film festival, so be sure to plan some fun activities in between the movies. I put together some coloring activities using our art easel, took Cash outside to splash in the sprinkler, and also had a bubble blowing break during our film festival. It was so much fun and still adhered to our festival theme! Not to mention making sure we got to get our snacks without missing any of the film!

walmart family mobile snacks

Make the couch comfy! The best part of a family film festival is the comfort of your own home, so prepare the living room ahead of time to meet all your needs. I broke out tons of pillows and our best most cozy blankets to ensure that everyone felt great snuggled up on the couch together.

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Don’t skimp on the concessions. I don’t know about you but the snacks at the movie theater are my favorite part! Make sure you have a fully stocked “concession stand” for your evening of entertainment. I went to Walmart to affordably stock our stand, and got some amazing treats! To fit into our film festival theme, our snack bar had to have Swedish Fish.

Swedish Fish at Walmart


I love those gummy little fish so much and so does the rest of my family! They were the perfect complement to our “Under the Sea” Festival!The Swedish fish packaging has gotten a bit of a modern makeover, but they were still super easy to find, new look same fish! I even made these little “fishbowl” mocktails with Swedish Fish for a super fun drink that matched our theme. You can make your own super cute Swedish Fishbowl Slush by simply:

  1. Adding Blue Raspberry flavored drink mix to 4 cups lemon lime soda and freezing for 30-45 min
  2. Add scoops of frozen mixture to cup, and place in a few Swedish Fish.
  3. Top cup off with lemon-lime soda & enjoy!

Swedish Fish Slushie

This “mocktail” was truly refreshing, and was enjoyable for the whole family! I don’t know which I enjoyed more, watching Cash try to get the fish out of his cup or the amazing flavor of the drink!

Swedish Fish Slush


Be sure to stream. While both James and I remember as children going to a video rental store, picking out a great VHS, and patiently watching all those fantastic ads before we got to our flick, technology has made things much more convenient for the kids these days! No more hitting “rewind” or even having to pop-in a DVD since we can stream movies live to our TV using VUDU & our Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan! This makes things much easier, especially when watching movies back-to-back! Streaming movies is here for good and I couldn’t be more happy about the convenience it gives me and my family!

Walmart Family Mobile

The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan gives us unlimited talk, text, and data in addition to 10 GB of 4G LTE coverage AND a free movie on VUDU every month! With great smart phone options available in store at affordable options, this Family Mobile PLUS plan gives us everything we need in a cell service and more! At only $49.88/per line a month it’s most definitely the most affordable unlimited option around! Right now you can even score a great deal on the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Starter Kit! The starter kits are actually cheaper now than ever before and on rollback for just $19.88! This offer lasts until July 7, so be sure to get to Walmart before then so you can save even more!

rogue phone walmart family mobile

I scored Cash this cool touchscreen, the “Coolpad Rogue”,  so he has something to play with when I need a break from entertaining him, the phone was only $19.88 on rollback, originally priced at $39.83 and well worth it. Cash is always trying to play with my phone and I’ve had to replace my fair share of shattered screens. Giving him his own phone at 2.5 may seem a little over the top, but it’s so much more affordable than having to spend $150+ to fix a broken fancy phone!  The service & signal coverage is incredible, plus not only are we saving money on this great plan, but we also get a free new release movie each month on VUDU ($7 value), making family movie nights a tradition we won’t have to sacrifice when baby number 2 gets here! To learn more, you can visit the Family Mobile Hub to find when an in-store rep will be in a store near you to assist and snag some delicious Swedish Fish samples!

walmart family mobile plus rogue phone

What would you theme your family film festival around? Which is your favorite part: the actual movie or the snacks?


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  1. You managed to select three of my favorite animated films! Being a redhead myself, of course Ariel is my absolute favorite Disney princess. Our children have so many more options for watching movies than we did as kids, that’s for sure!

    1. I find myself actually searching for movies that I like or “haven’t seen” now as far as kids movies go. I don’t mind constant animated features, its the same one over and over again that drives me crazy! I was super excited for Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur when they came out!

  2. We love movie nights at home, and a intermission is a great idea!! I love the swedish fish drink you created, so cute!

    1. thank you! If I’m in the theater I have to have popcorn with extra butter but at home I like to get White Cheddar Skinny Pop to save calories for sugar! 😉

  3. We’ve declared wednesday our movie day over the summer. I ADORE the idea of the theme, and if any swedish fish will last until summer break, I’m doing this 😉

  4. What a cute family time idea! We’ve only watched movies in bits & pieces with my daughter, and only once as a family, but this could be a lot of fun (especially on a rainy day!)

    1. YES! it’s also great if someone comes down with a spring flu (like me) that way no one feels guilty not moving off the couch all day! haha

  5. Those Swedish Fish Slushies look both delicious and fun! I can see these being a bit hit at family movie night. #client