Gift Guide For Her 2017

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Sure the time with family is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE the excuse to shop constantly and pick out amazing gifts for my friends and family. Gift giving is one of my favorite hobbies (it’s a hobby right?!) so since Instagram basically confirmed everyone loves seeing a good guide for the holiday season I’ve put together some of my favorite gifts for her this year. Husbands take note: your wife would love pretty much anything on this list and it’s all under $100!

For me while I don’t pay too much attention to the price of a gift, I know that it’s really important to make the most of your money during the holiday season. We still have bills to pay and it seems like the list of people to buy for grows each and every year, so I wanted to put together some ideas for each and every budget. Here you’ll find my favorite gift ideas for the ladies in categories divided by price range.

While James and I always spend a little more on each other, we like to stay around $50 for our friends and family we buy for, and I like being able to give my loved ones more than one gift to open, so I buy the most in the $25 and under price range. Cute Planners, Great Make-Up Gifts & The New Disney x Keihls Collab sets are some of my favorite choices from this year’s affordable gift line-up!

Sometimes an item will really strike me that’s perfect for a said individual, sometimes it matches their personality or an inside joke too perfectly to stress about staying under a certain budget and I’ll pick it up for them, because for me, the joy of picking out the gift I know they’ll like the most is so exhilarating. Here are some of those ultra special gifts in the $50 price range. Luxe candles, gorgeous and personable coffee table books, along with some higher end jewelry & accessories are some of my favorite go-to’s for a larger budget.


If you’re really looking to splurge on someone, a good pair of sunglasses, handbag or watch are great high dollar items that women don’t buy for themselves often. I’ve really been into Kate Spade & Henri Bendel bags lately and I can’t stop wearing my new JORD wood watch. You can get 25% off and enter to win a free JORD watch below! <3

jord wood watches gifts for her

Watch Gift Ideas

Who are you shopping for this year? Let me know who’s on your nice list and what your favorite go-to gifts are!

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