Hip Mom Hair – in 5 Minutes!


I’ll be the first to admit I’m TERRIBLE at doing my hair. I wash and condition it every other day as recommended, but when it comes to day-to-day hairstyles, I typically just have air-dried hair with my bangs bobby-pinned to one side, and I have super thin hair, so honestly most of the time it isn’t even brushed. I say I’m going for that “messy look”, but in actuality a lot of the times it just comes off as messy and unpolished.


In an effort to make myself feel super confident as my face starts to round from this pregnancy, and since I’m basically just wearing stretchy cotton on a daily basis now, I’ve started to put forth the extra effort to finish off my looks with cute and simple hairstyles. This is one of my favorite go-to casual hairstyles, that only takes 5 minutes to pull off and makes me look like one of the “cool” moms as opposed to the hot mess I normally am.


All you need for this hairstyle is : 2 ponytail holders, a brush, a comb, hairspray and texturizing spray.



First, wake up with messy hair like I do daily, then spray in your texture spray and brush it out. After you’ve brushed your hair, use the comb to part your hair all the way down the center. Once you have your hair parted, gently & loosely braid each side, securing each braid with a ponytail holder. Pull random strands of hair out of place around the frame of your face, and pull sides of each braid to loosen it more. Finally, finish off the look with a lightweight hairspray and run your hand through your bangs if you have them.


There you have it! Cool and Hip hair that’s perfect for a music festival or an all organic picnic lunch with your little one. I love how this style slims my face, makes my eyes stand out, and feels super fun.

Braids or Platts,


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