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Listen, while I’ve grown up a lot since I was 7, my dream as a child was to be Barbie. Like she had all the career options, a handsome ass husband, tons of great clothes, hot friends, and most of all- all the pink things you could imagine. Call me basic, but part of me (like 70% haha) is still really drawn to all things pink, girly, and feminine.

florida winter clothes

I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World.

pink sweater

When I saw this hot pink oversized sweater at Express I knew I had to have it. I love the versatility it brings and wear it ALL THE TIME! Anytime I go out wearing it I get tons of compliments from all the other basic bitches of the world (we’ve been over this- basic bitch is a compliment in my book). I’ve styled it a few different ways, but since Florida is phasing slightly out of “winter” and more into “spring” weather wise, I wanted to show you all how to wear your sweaters to keep your arms warm, in an unexpected way.

barbie pink sweater

Most of the time you think sweaters and jeans, sweaters and leggings, sweaters and skirts with tights, but when you’ve experienced the faux Florida winter that I’ve been living all my life, you know that keeping your legs exposed is just as cute and practical this time of year.

hot pink sweater

This sweater has the cutest ballon sleeves and can be worn slightly off the shoulder to keep it a little more trendy which I LOVE. It’s made of a super soft and cozy chenille fabric which is wonderful for keeping warm in without making your skin itchy. For anyone who isn’t a fan of this Barbie color, it does come in 5 other color options for you and it’s currently on sale at Express for $50.99 plus another 40% off, can I get a Hell Yeah!!!!

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