Jumpin’ Jumpsuits!

About a week ago, one of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers Farrah Estrella of Estrella Fashion Report┬áposted gorgeous photos of herself in a beautiful jumpsuit. I have always shied away from anything like that because I thought they just “weren’t made for my body”. Being thicker, I have what I call a “pooch” of fat right below my waistline, which means if any article of clothing cuts up through the “pooch” it will split it in two and make me look REAL awkward. I always thought since jumpsuits fit in to that clothing type they would never look good on me, however after seeing how awesome Farrah looked in hers, I was inspired to go out and find my own!


It didn’t take long before I found an amazing fitting jumpsuit in a fun navy, red and white ikat print at Ross! It was such a great deal, and looked so awesome I immediately ran to the checkout line!

I paired this jumpsuit with my denim jacket and brown and gold strappy sandals. Accessory wise I threw my “bad hair day” hair up into a high bun, then wore a great red turban headband and multi-layered beaded necklace from Forever 21.


Keep it 100,


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