Life Changes. Huge News!

I’ve thought a lot recently about what I’m really aspiring to. What are my real goals? When will I actually feel like a grown up instead of someone whose pretending to have it all together while I’m secretly wearing mis-matched socks. This thought process has brought on a wave of change for me, and I’ve started noticing fun details about how my life has changed once I made my true happiness a priority.

I love retail. It’s not often someone says that, but I really love my job. The aspects of providing exceptional customer service and having someone appreciate your talents daily, are just as much a part of me as my ever-changing hair. Helping people realize their true aesthetic appeal and become confident of themselves in the moment is such an awesome part of what I do, it’s hard not to be in love with retail at times.

Unfortunately, with a love of retail comes a stunning new passion for fulfilling my true potential, and at some point or another I found myself not becoming fully challenged and developing daily in my current role with the lovely, wonderful company I have been given the chance to become a part of.

It is a bittersweet announcement I have to make today. One that brought me so much happiness at once and then a sudden sadness as well. I have accepted an opportunity to help lead a new store coming to the area. While I’m so excited about fresh fashion and a new dress code that allows me to rock my entire closet on the daily, I’m also sad to be moving on without my LTD family. I know we’ll still see each other because I am a shopper after all, but it won’t be easy to have a different manager and crew on a daily basis! I couldn’t have seen myself being given this opportunity 3 years ago when I started with The Limited, and I know that without the development I received from my current management team, this would not be possible. So THANKS GUYS!!! I LOVE YOU!

I finally feel like I’m actualizing the future that I envisioned for myself! So this is what being an adult feels like! I can dig it! Going to splurge on some matching socks and throw pillows now! ?

2 weeks,


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