Messy Moments & Life.

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The adjustment to two children has been a chaotic one for sure. Cash was such a low maintenance child and continues to be one, while Brando on the other hand wants 100% of the attention 99.9% of the time. There are days full of overwhelm, sleepless nights, and days where I literally can’t even fathom leaving the house with both boys, but then I’ll have those precious gleaming moments that fill my heart with so much joy it makes all the turmoil so incredibly worth it.


Some of my favorite first moments with Cash were: him getting his first tooth, crawling for the first time, and the moment he said “Mama”. The first time Cash met his baby brother, and then weeks later the first time he actually gave him a kiss melted my heart completely. It reminded me that I gave him a friend for life, and that makes the struggle so worth it. My children’s first smiles were so magical, the moment you know it’s not gas, but in fact them just being completely happy being in your arms, they should bottle the kind of happiness that brings a parent.


The funniest first moments with both boys were our first “champagne showers” if you know what I mean. πŸ˜‰ Olivia Wilde said it best when she said, “Being a mother has taught me many things, one of them being that every grown man has at one time, peed in their own face.”



Brando has recently started rolling on his belly, which means he’s one step closer to being a crawler, and as much as I love these first moments, hitting each one means my sweet baby boy is one moment closer to not being a baby anymore. So I cherish these moments as much as I can.



I absorb & appreciate the good days when I’m full of energy for the park, when I’m not struggling to keep up, when my husband leaves an iced coffee drink for me in the fridge for me to wake up to. What I have learned, as cliche as it sounds, is that life is just a culmination of all these little precious moments, and it’s so important to appreciate them as they happen, so that the memories of these moments don’t fade. I want to always remember that there’s this HUGE period of my children’s lives where all they really want or need is who I am, and for me to play, laugh, and love them.


Waterwipes understands these moments, and wants to help spread the word that these moments are invaluable. Chemical free, made with 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, they are the safest wipes on the market for your little ones. I love this video that they created to share our special moments, try not to tear up watching it, as you remember your sweet little babes first moments. I dare you.

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