Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

It’s no secret that I love both giving and receiving wonderful gifts. We celebrate all the random holidays over here at the Clark Crib in some festive way or another. For Cinco de Mayo last week I took the boys to Epcot to experience some culture, and with Mother’s Day weekend coming up I can’t wait to go overboard for the special women in my life and (hopefully) get a few treats myself 😉

Fun Fact: I love presents so much that when I was a child I tried to argue with my parents that they should in fact get us children gifts as well on Mother’s and Father’s Day, because after all, it was my sweet face that made you a parent, right?

So here are some great ideas for Mother’s Day 2017, (hint hint if you’re reading this James <3 )

  1. For the Athletic Mom: Chances are if your mom is super into working out, she’s already got a FitBit to keep track of her daily fitness needs. I’d suggest going a little outside the box and grabbing this ADORABLE Fitbit Alta Accessory Band, that way, even when she’s dressing up, she can still keep that heart rate in check.

2. For the Label lovin’ Mama: Listen I’ll be 100% real with you guys, I LOVE me some designer bags. I try to save on clothing and shoes so that I can get a couple nice purses a year. These bags are the ones on my “wish list” that I sent to James. A tasseled cross body is the perfect way to look stylish and chic this Summer, and I’m also currently obsessing with light colors and smaller bags.

For the Puppy Mom: Let’s face it, there are some ladies out there who devote a lot of time and energy into making sure their pups are well taken care of. Fellas, if you own a dog with your boo, don’t forget all she does on Mother’s Day too. A Barkbox subscription is a really cute idea, but also be sure to get her something she can enjoy. Kate Spade released an adorable balloon animal dog line of accessories that would be such a chic way to treat you puppy mama, or a piece of jewelry with your breed on it is such a fun idea.

For the sentimental Mom: Most mother’s aren’t huge on a ton of gifts, what matters most is that you took time out of your day to make her feel special and pick out something that would make her happy. You know, “it’s the thought that counts”. For Moms who would rather have a special memory or something heartfelt, try writing a handwritten card, getting tickets to a concert she’d like to see so that you two can go together and create a meaningful memory together. When we were kids we would create at-home spa days and those “coupon” books full of chores and back rub promises. I’ve recently started to LOVE personalized jewelry with my kid’s initials or names on them.

For the Foodie Mama: All moms will be having themselves a cheat day on Sunday that is for sure. Take extra time to pick out an amazing local spot to make her cheat day worth it. Go the extra mile, make the reservations, and bring her one of these MUST-HAVE gadgets for the kitchen.

Whatever your Mother is like, wherever she is, no matter the distance, be sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her. It’s not the gift that matters at all, it’s the love behind it.

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