My Wishlist

I’m super into Christmas traditions, so while I may be entering my 30’s in 2018, I still love making a Christmas Wishlist every year. When I was younger, on Thanksgiving, my cousins and I would flip through page after page of toy catalogs on Thanksgiving and all sit down with our 64 pack jumbo edition of Crayola crayons and put together a well thought out list of things we REALLY wanted for Christmas to give to our grandparents, parents & aunts & uncles.

While I love being surprised and don’t ever expect to get everything on my list, for me it’s about the fun of it. I’ve been told from a few close family members that I’m difficult to buy for (I don’t think so, but like, who knows *insert eye roll emoji*) so putting together a list of loose ideas of things I would love to have is great to get their brainstorming a-rockin’ for them. I often times want to purchase some things for myself, but have difficulty “pulling the trigger” and making final decisions about certain items, these are the things I like to put most on my wish list because they surprise me & seem like someone put a little extra thought into the item for me.

Here’s what’s on my list this year:

A Beauty & The Beast Chip Coffee Cup. So Belle was my FAVORITE Disney princess as a child and with the live action Beauty and the Beast coming out this past year, I’ve really enjoyed all the new merch the Disney parks have released. Little known fact: James and I decided on our honeymoon that “our thing” would be to collect coffee cups from the places we traveled together and apart since he travels a lot for work. It’s been really fun picking out cups from different cities and states, but being that we moved to Disney’s town- Celebration- this year, a Disney cup would be the perfect addition to our collection.

Karen Walker Sunglasses. Every year I pick one new pair of designer sunglasses to add to my collection. This allows me to slowly build a classic collection of quality frames without blowing a lot of money. I’ve seen a few of my favorite fellow bloggers don these vintage style oversized frames and I have slowly but surely become obsessed with them and these are the ones I’ve chosen as “the ones” this year. The only other classic black frames I have are my Ray-Ban Wayfarers and James is constantly using them, so having a great feminine option that he can’t steal is something that I need!

 A Fujifilm Instax Mini Cam 9 & Film. This has been on my wish list for like over a year now, but this year it’s selling for an average of $20-30 less than it was last year! The camera itself is available at so many places for around $60 making this a super affordable high-end gift. As a blogger I love taking pictures, but they’re always on my phone and I never remember to print the day-to-day stuff. I’d really like to start taking a pic a day to print of the boys and start creating more scrapbooks and photo albums to have for our family. This affordable instant print camera is the perfect way to start that!

Chloe Roses Perfume & J’adore Dior Hair Perfume. Two separate options because I know there’s no way I’ll get both. I’ve lately really been in love with the scent of natural roses. Some Rose perfumes come off very artificial to me, or maybe they react to my skin differently than others, but the Chloe Roses is so long lasting and smells perfectly like a bouquet of roses! It runs a little pricier, so I did find a more affordable option for this scent from Panier Des Sens, they sell it at a boutique down in Celebration, but it’s also available on amazon. This french company makes a great quality collection of bath & body products that smell so organic and are really lightweight. I also found this amazing J’adore Dior Hair Perfume when a cast member at the France Pavilion at Epcot recommended it to me. I walked all around the world sweating the day she sprayed a tiny bit in my hair and was still able to smell it when I woke up the next morning! Talk about long lasting! Plus I just think the idea of a separate perfume for your hair is so extra that I want in on it!

Cool Baking Stuff. You all know how much I love to bake and make special treats for my friends and family for any and all occasions. I’ve been making due with what I have, but it would be so nice to have some upgraded bake wear. Currently I make cupcakes in batches of 6 at a time because I want them to hold their shape and only have the 6 count muffin tin, would LOVE a couple of the 12 counts to be able to make 24 at a time & a nice cake plate with a lid for the occasions I make cakes for! I always want to display them but worry about attracting bugs, so a nice lidded plate would be so awesome!

Disney Alex & Ani Bracelets. Remember how I mentioned sometimes I can be bad at making decisions when it comes to cute purchases? There are TOO many adorable Disney Alex & Ani options for me to possibly just pick one or two for myself, so I’d LOVE if a family member took the work out of that for me and just picked the one that reminds them of me the most, because they are all SO cute, I’ll love any of them!

Upgraded Carry-On Luggage. I’ve had the same exact luggage set that I use for 11 years now! OMG. My grandparents got me this amazing set as a high school graduation gift and it’s proved VERY durable, but have been and will continue to be traveling more frequently, I would LOVE a new set of carry-on wheels. I mean, how am I supposed to get that cute blogger pose sitting on my suitcase at the airport if it’s not the cutest suitcase ever?! #amiright?!

Hunter Rainboots.  (size 7 in wide calf if you’re reading this James 😉 ) I haven’t been able to make the choice between the shorter ones or the regular length or between red boots or black boots, can’t decide between the glossy finish or the matte look. I love these boots, and being in FL where we legitimately have a “rainy season” like most states have a spring or fall, I know I’ll get a LOT of use out of these babes, and I’ve been thinking about purchasing them for about a year and a half now, so I know ANY pair I would love.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket. I want/internally need for all of my downstairs throw blankets to match. A faux fur blanket would look SO perfect in our living room, and it’ll keep me from stealing the blanket that James likes the most, so it’s a win-win.

Fashion Coffee Table Books. I love books like this that I can sit and flip through at any time to get some outfit or lifestyle inspiration. They are such great conversation starters, AND make adorable blog picture props, so having a few of these would be incredible!

Personalized Jewelry. Maybe this is something that comes with age, but I’ve recently really started wanting personalized jewelry. Simple sentimental necklaces with like, the date we got married, or our boys initials and birth coordinates, seem like such cute ideas for a gift. Of all the things I have in my life, my family means the most to me, and I would love a gift that I can wear proudly everyday to represent them in my outfits.

Family Pictures, Printed & Framed or in Albums.  Again I am SO terrible with printing pictures. We had family pics taken for Brando’s first birthday by the same photographer who did our wedding pictures and I keep “meaning” to order some canvas’ and print them all out and make a cute display on some walls with our great family pictures, but I also keep forgetting. SO, if someone were to print out and frame big ones or even just put together a few albums of 4×6’s of my everyday posts I’ve made on social media of the family and the boys that would be SO AWESOME.

So that’s my wish list. Been an awful good girl and what not… <3 What are you asking Santa for this year?

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