Packing for the Hospital

What to pack for the hospital

What to pack for the hospital

Last time I had a baby I had NO IDEA (aside from recommendations on the internet) of what to pack or expect for the stay at the hospital. Going into this delivery with the knowledge of what I can expect, how long I am staying, and how I’m going to feel is making preparing for this 3-4 day stay much easier.

While I don’t EXACTLY know if I’ll be in the hospital from Mon-Wed or Mon-Thurs, at least I have a general idea of how long the stay will be. Last time James and I only lived 15 minutes from the hospital, and this time we live MUCH further away, so sending hubs back to the house to grab something I forgot isn’t really an option this time. So, after a week of really intense thinking and replaying different scenarios, I created the ultimate checklist and made it into a printable checklist for any future Mamas out there!


Keep in mind, I am a high-maintainence person, I like to look good and I personally believe that for myself, looking better helps me feel better, and feeling better helps me recover faster. I’m not ashamed or apologetic about it, but with that being said this is an OVER-prepared checklist and you may not need EVERYTHING on this list according to your lifestyle.

what to pack for baby hospital

For Baby: You’ll notice there are no diapers or pacifiers on this list. What no one told me when I was pregnant was that while you’re in the hospital they provide these for you! I don’t say this to be cheap, but these are included in the hospital bill regardless of whether you use them or not, so you may as well get your money’s worth! Also they have the really good NUK pacifiers (they ended up being the only ones my first son would use) which are around $5 for a set of two at any store, so why not take advantage of the free ones while you can! I also am going in with the sole intention of exclusively breast-feeding, if you plan on formula feeding, add Dr.Brown’s Anti-Colic Bottles & your formula of choice to the list, my recommendation for formula is Earth’s Best Organic, I used it with my first son after breast-feeding for only 6 weeks and he never had any issues with reflux, colic or gas!  They also provide wipes, but you have to wet them yourself and that can be extremely annoying, so I did include those on the list. -Check with the hospital you intend on delivering at to be sure of what newborn products they have on-hand as this could vary from hospital to hospital- The hospital also provides a swaddling blanket and newborn beanie, I am bringing my own from home for photography purposes, as the ones the hospital provides aren’t exactly the cutest in my book.

Mama's Hospital Check List


For Mama: Again I really like to feel good about myself and for me it aides in a speedier recovery, so things like curling iron & hair dryer are things you can skip out on if you don’t have the same mindset. I am also a blogger in my heart so things like the DLSR, back-up camera batteries, and laptop aren’t NECESSARY for everyone checking in to the hospital. I included our Apple TV on this list (sub that with any streaming device you have) because you spend A LOT of time in the room, and I don’t exactly have the patience to channel flip, if your hospital doesn’t have TV’s with HDMI ports, be sure to bring some of your favorite DVD’s.

Having these checklists prepared ahead of time was a huge help as far as feeling super ready for the baby. Hopefully these lists will help another mama in need of assistance organizing the chaotic mom-brain that can cloud memories those last few weeks of pregnancy!

Did I miss anything?


T’s crossed and I’s dotted,


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