The Perfect Easter Basket

While I know the true reason for the season has nothing to do with a bunny leaving eggs and baskets filled with goodies around the house, I love the traditional aspects of Easter. All holidays are especially fun for me because I love any and every excuse to celebrate something, but holidays like Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are especially my favorites because it gives me a chance to treat my family members to nice surprises. Everyone in my house gets a basket from the Easter Bunny, including the adults and while I know it may be a little on the childish side, it’s super fun for me to put these together and one of my favorite things to do in the spring. Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up to stuff your baskets with ease and style, in my 3 years making Easter baskets for my family.easter21.Get QUALITY baskets.

Once the fun of Easter is over, you’re left behind with this basket. It’s not holding anything at all, it’s not cute enough to use on a daily basis. You think to yourself, like MAYBE you’ll hold on to it and see if you can do something with it next year right? After a couple years of saving baskets for the next year, you’ll find that you have 10 baskets and you don’t want to use any of them again this year. ThisĀ is exactly why I got REALLY nice baskets that can double as storage containers for toys, towels, toiletries, etc for this year. I found them for $3 in The One Spot at Target.


2.Don’t JUST get candy.

I don’t want to have an endless supply of candy or risk binge eating it all one night after a depressing episode of Girls, which is why I only buy a few nicer indulgences on the sugary side. I opt for picking basket stuffers that the recipient will get use out of, but often forgets to get for themselves on a daily basis. The travel size section of any store is the BEST place to find nice items that will be appreciated that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.


3.Make your candy last longer by stuffing it in Eggs

Another way to make sure I don’t overdo it with candy is to set small portions of candy in plastic Easter eggs and use those to take up space in a big basket. I can get 2 sharable sized bags of candy (typically 2/$3) and fill up about 20 eggs, which is plenty for an egg hunt later on and for fillingĀ our 3 Easter baskets.


4.Get More for your Money with Non-Seasonal Candy

When you purchase your candy in the “Easter Section” of any store, you often get smaller portions or they have a slightly higher price tag, which adds up quickly. While some seasonal favorites like Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs can’t be replaced, grabbing some regular candy in the “fun size section” and “5/$5 King Size” can pay off and get you more sugar for less bread.



To help inspire you a little more, the Easter Bunny dropped off our baskets early this year and I’m showing you what he brought each of us!

For Mommy


Pastel Mixing Spoons, Hammonds Easter Corn, A Dozen Marshmallow Eggs, 2 Spring Notebooks, Coconut Car Fresheners, Rosemary Water Setting Mist, EOS lip balm, Up&Up Make-up Remover Wipes, Lavender Body Wash, Olay Raspberry Shower Gel, Reese’s Pieces Eggs, Fun Size Snickers with Almonds

For Daddy


Twizzlers, AiM Flossers, Write On Notepad, Refresh Linen Auto Vent Sticks, AXE Apollo Spray, Hammonds Crisp Rice Treat Pop, Febreze Car ToGo, Coconut Air Freshener, Twilight Woods Body Lotion, Reese’s Pieces Eggs, Peppermint-N-Hemp Soap, Hershey’s Cookies’n’Creme Bar, Marshmallow Bunny Treats, Snickers with Almond Fun Size

For Baby Cash


Bunny Balloon, Minions Coloring Book, Bunny Bubbles, Watermelon Bubble Bath, 8 pack Sidewalk Chalk, Minions Crisp Bar, Minons Fruit Candy, Yellow Bunny Peeps, Ice Cream Truck Puzzle (24 pc), Hotwheels Monster Truck, Hammonds Handmade Lollipop, Jelly Belly Kid’s Mix, 2oz Hollow Chocolate Bunny

Hope these tips help make your baskets seem bigger and your hearts fuller this Easter!


Here Comes Peter Cottontail,


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