Preparing for Irma #notmyhurricane

I was supposed to be packing my suitcase for fashion week like right now. As I’m sitting here on my bed typing these words on my laptop, I was supposed to be frantically getting ready and picking last minute outfits for a trip to NYFW, Hurricane Irma had other plans for me though. Because this beast of a hurricane isn’t traveling fast enough to give us an actual path before my trip, and I have a mild anxiety disorder, I decided to cancel my flights and hotels and hang back here, in FL with my family to ride out Irma.

Growing up in Florida, I think I have always taken hurricanes with a grain of salt, like I wasn’t even worried about Matthew last year and Disney closed it’s parks for an entire day for the first time in forever because of that storm. I would have to say Irma is probably the first hurricane that’s formed in my adult life that actually has me shook. With a width the size of our entire state, it’s safe to say over 50% of the Floridian population is actually freaking out right now, with good reason. The other half, jaded by a lifetime of newscasters causing a panic only to be left with 30 gallons of water and 18 loaves of sliced bread, are just simply brushing Irma off their shoulders like she ain’t shit.

I canceled my trip because I just kept thinking personally everyone was going to lose cell service and wifi for at least an 8 hour span and that’s too long to be away and out of contact from my children, I mean I’m a “cool mom” but I’m also slightly neurotic at times, don’t get me wrong. So, as I prepare for Irma I just thought I’d share some of these hilarious memes that have been popping up in my newsfeed, and in no rhyme or reason sharing some things I’m doing to prepare my house and family. We live pretty far inland, in the Orlando area, so we aren’t expecting to see a TON of force or damage which is why James and I decided it’d be safer to stay at home and ride it out instead of getting stuck on the roads.                                                                                                  

  1. Been charging everything religiously. Since I’ve been to a few conventions and events lately, I thankfully have 4 portable chargers that I’ve made sure to fully charge. Also, charging the old cell phones we had that we now let the kids play with, iPads, laptops, and current cell phones on repeat every second they aren’t in use basically. Nothing is dying around here. I also have one of those portable bluetooth speakers which I’m keeping charged up, if the power & wifi do go out, it’ll be nice to at least have some jams for a dance party.
  2. Planning arts & crafts & games. I think one of my biggest fear associated with Irma is that we’re all going to lose power and wifi, having two small kids who may start to get bored during a large storm isn’t exactly great for my sanity level so I’m making sure I have games & crafts on deck to keep the whole family sane and entertained.                                                  
  3. I bought a lot of pasta & cake. I plan on cooking it all on Saturday and making pasta salad type meals that taste delicious even when they’re cold in the event the microwave goes out. If you know me IRL, you know my aversion to cold meals & hatred of the sort, so I wanna make sure if I have to eat things that aren’t piping hot, they’re gunna taste good cold. Also, I love baking and it’s a lot of fun, it’ll be nice to have something sweet to treat ourselves with when we’re stressing about whether or not the tree next to our balcony is going to smash through the window. And YES you CAN expect a hurricane cupcake recipe here in the next 2 days.              
  4. Got all the Diet Coke & Starbucks Iced Drinks. Most people were all worried about water, but I’ve got like 1/2 a case in my car (and honestly by the time I even thought to get water all of Orlando was sold out of it) and we have a ton of water bottles, pitchers, and dishes we can fill up with filtered water from the fridge, which I plan on doing on Saturday evening while I’m cooking. Water is free at my house, but what I can’t live without is my coffee in the morning and an ice cold diet coke with dinner, so I made sure to have plenty of them on hand and in the fridge so they’re ice cold. It’s called priorities people, get some.                                                                                     
  5. I cleaned my house. My sister-in-law made a post about this and I couldn’t have agreed more, so I got down to it today. If on the off-chance I ACTUALLY need to be rescued, I don’t want my house to be a wreck when people bust up inside of it. Also clean tubs/sinks can be used to fill with water, in case we lose water…so there’s that, but honestly if my countertop ends up on the front lawn I want people to think “damn that is the cleanest piece of countertop wreckage I have seen all week, good for her”.
  6. All my laundry and dishes are getting done. Dishes get done always anyway, and my laundry doesn’t really pile up too much right now, but I’m also washing all the sheets, blankets, and towels, just in case we’re out of water for a few days and ya know, clean sheets + rainy weather = the most comfy feeling in the universe, so it’s all about that indulgence.
  7. I spent an embarrassing amount of money on scented candles. We may lose power and have no lights, and like who doesn’t want to light all the delicious scented candles while they relax in their clean sheets and listen to their “rainy day mix” via bluetooth speaker in the middle of a storm, right?! Truth be told Bath & Body Works just released their fall scents and I managed to convince James that if we were gunna have to live by candlelight it may as well be the best smelling candles money can buy, amiright?!?!                                                      
  8. Downloading everything!!! Since all my electronics are being charged to ride out the storm, I’m also downloading everything I own and lots of movies/TV shows that interest me on my phone and laptop, and downloading TV shows & movies for the boys on their laptop & play phones. With so many streaming services these days we forget they’re all wifi/cell service based. In the event we lose power & signals, things you download are ready and available to provide everyone entertainment. Having the different interests and things on different devices ensures that no ones storage gets too full in one spot, and that the boys don’t try to steal my phone. I’ve also been sure to back up my iTunes library so I can listen to all my previously downloaded music, and you bet I have AppleMusic, so I’ve been downloading all the new free music I can as well.  Sure you have to pay to download things like movies & TV shows on iTunes, but I didn’t spend $300 on bottled water, so my budget has some room for a few dozen movies. (again, priorities lol )                               
  9. Taking a nice bath NIGHTLY! I wanna stay as fresh as I can on the off-chance the water goes out and it could be days before I bath again, so to keep myself fresh, I’m making an ordeal out of my bath time each night. Getting the bubbles out, the coconut sugar scrub, shaving my legs, the whole 9 yards, every night. It’s been so nice, honestly – but I’m selflessly doing this as hurricane prep I swear 😉 .
  10. I got a bag packed just in case we’ve got to go. It’s got all my favorite things to wear, and all the boys favorite things etc. . . In case we have to make a last minute call on evacuating (which I highly doubt will happen) I’m ready to throw on my Adidas and run out the door. Like peace out FL, James and I have talked about several different places to head to if we need to evacuate and we’d probably leave hella early in the morning before anyone is awake and on the roads to avoid getting stuck somewhere. I other words I’ve got a “Just in (suit) case” .

Anyone going, Anyone Staying? Anyone got any other tips for riding out the storm that haven’t already been shared 800,000 times? (also don’t even mention Zello cause I already got corrected and that shit don’t work without wifi & cell service). How does Irma make you feel? Oh and also we’ve got Jose coming in now too lolololololol #loveFL


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