Prepping the Car for 2 kids.

preparing the car for 2 kids

preparing the car for 2 kids

This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Balios Stroller and Aton Q Infant Car Seat to facilitate my review. #CYBEXDesign #IC #ad

Less than 3 weeks now until we meet The Second Clark! James and I could not be more excited about the arrival of this little one! It’s crazy around here trying to double-check and make sure we have everything prepared and ready for him to come home! Already having one boy, I didn’t think I would NEED that much to get started with baby number 2, but I was wrong! Cash is such an easy-going toddler we don’t have to have much to keep him happy, while he has hundreds of dollars worth of toys, he’s happy just playing with sticks in the backyard. That being said, we still have to prepare for a newborn that is going to be finicky and fussy and not accustomed to this crazy world.


One of the most important aspects of preparing for the baby is getting the car ready. Instead of toting around a 2.5 year old, we’ll now have two kids up in the backseat, both with extremely different needs because of their ages. Thanks to this nesting energy, I was able to get the car prepared pretty quickly one afternoon and wanted to share some tips we’re using.

toys for kids in car

1.Have separate areas.  Maybe an obvious one, but I can’t risk that Cash will try to share his car snacks with baby brother, so make sure your babes have a seat in between them, to avoid any unnecessary conflict. I made their areas unique to their needs as well. In Cash’s area we have some cool toys, snacks, juice boxes, sunglasses, and reachable cup-holder. On the 2nd Clark’s side I have a great shatter-proof mirror, sunshade, and some musical&plush toys hanging from his CYBEX Aton Q car seat. While Cybex is known for their focus on safety and innovation, the details in the design of the Aton Q put it in a class all its own.

cybex aton q carseat at buy buy baby

cybex aton q at buy buy baby

Cybex Aton Q + Base 2

2.Pack the Car. I always say it’s much better to be overdressed than under-dressed, and when it comes to babies, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepped for certain. Aside from Cash’s snack & toy box I also have the car packed with a small first aid kit, a pack of wipes, 3 diapers (in each of the kid’s sizes), and an extra outfit (complete with socks & shoes) for each of the boys. You never know when someone is going to dump their apple juice all over themselves, or when the hubs forgot to restock the diaper bag, so it’s always best to have these things on hand when you go out!

packing car for 2 kids

pack the car for 2 kids

3.Keep it Fresh. While it’s not a HUGE problem or priority, keeping the car clean & orderly is important to me. When you’re getting ready to have two kids in diapers in the car at the same time, nothing scares me more than the potential of double the smelly trouble. I keep a car refreshing spray, vent clips, and a refresher hanging on the rearview mirror at all times to ensure maximum smell-goodness in the car all day!

4. Be ready to go. While some people can easily navigate a double stroller around, I am not one of those moms. Most of the time Cash wants to walk around and is a great listener when we are in the store or out and about. It’s important to me that the stroller we selected was comfortable for both a newborn AND a toddler, that way when Cash is tired, he can rest while I baby wear the new baby and when Cash is ready to walk, the new baby can comfortably nap. I found the most versatility with the CYBEX Balios Stroller. This stroller is fantastic, as it converts from laying flat to upright forward or rear facing! It holds up to 55 lbs, making it the only stroller we’ll need with a growing family!




Aside from being great functionally, the design of the Balios compliments my fashion forward lifestyle. I LOVE being a trendy mom, and find it very important to maintain my sense of self in this parenthood journey. It can be easy to get swept up in the magical chaos that a new baby brings to our lives, so finding  baby products that not only meet my safety standards as a mother, but also compliments my personal style is just one of the ways that Cybex has brought a new excitement to this special time. Both the Aton Q and the sleek and stylish Balios are available at Buy Buy Baby now!

cybex balios at buy buy baby

I’m over the moon excited for baby number two, and now that the car is ready to go, only a few more details to knock out before he’s here!

What was the hardest part in preparing for your child? Is the transition from 1 to 2 extremely difficult? Leave a comment with any tips you may have for me!

11 days and counting!




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    1. yes there are too many options out there! I like the versatility with this one since it’ll be used for two different kids with two different preferences. With my first we did a LOT of trial and error when it came to picking products that were the right fit for our family!

  1. One hard part about the transition for me was that it turned out that my car wasn’t big enough to comfortably fit two car seats. I was driving a Ford Focus, and I could barely fit in the driver’s seat. My Camry works much better for me now.

    1. Oh man! Thankfully I’m super short, so I have to have my seat as far forward as it will go anyway…lol but we did get a new car in October with a second child in mind, so we opted for an SUV with a little more room!