Quick & Simple Birthday Cake Decorating.


When I make someone a cake, for any occasion, I want to make sure it looks amazing. I know I’m not a professional baker, but I take pride in my food presentation. To celebrate my little sister’s 19th birthday this week, she only had one request: vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I wanted to make her something with a little more dazzle, so I decided jazz up the boring vanilla cake with some gorgeous and easy decorating skills.


To start I just prepared 2 boxes of French Vanilla Cake mix in 4 8in’ circle pans according to the instructions on the box. After allowing the layers to cool in the refrigerator for 15-20 min, I laid down a thin coat of icing in between each layer and stacked the cakes, then I added a thin coat of frosting over the entire 4 layer cake. After the cake was frosted I set it in the freezer for 20 minutes to allow the cake & icing to harden in it’s stacked position.



To prepare the sprinkles, I poured them out and spread them along evenly on a large baking sheet. Then, I took the cake out of the freezer, and rolled each side of it on the sprinkle coated baking sheet until all the sides were 100% covered in gorgeous rainbow sprinkles!


Finally I set it on top of a lovely cake plate, and using a plastic sandwich bag filled with vanilla icing, I piped little circles along the top and bottom edges. I topped it all off with these adorable pom-poms I found at Target and that was it!



This cake tasted amazing, only took about 1.5 hrs in total time out of my day, and best of all my little sister LOVED it! This is a great way to add something a little special to your next family gathering or celebration!


Rainbow Sprinkles,



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