Road Trip Attire Tips

Since getting back from our road trip last week, it occurred to me that I haven’t written about how I dress for road trips in a while. So I decided to put together just a quick little post on how I go about making a decision this crucial.

For starters we all know the most important part of road trip rags is that they need to be comfortable above all else. For me, sitting in skin tight skinny jeans is NOT comfortable for 4-8 hours at all so I always opt for either leggings or a lightweight cotton dress. Just depends on how I feel when I wake up that morning to be honest.

On our trip to Savannah, I was in more of a leggings mood, so I picked these pleather finished ones, they look a little more jazzed up, but are still mostly made of cotton, with tons of stretch, making them the perfect road trip bottom.

I paired my leggings with a comfortable and hilarious screen tee. I showed you all some of my favorite screen tee looks a few weeks back in this post, and while my Grandmother is probably cringing, yes I actually BOUGHT this shirt from Target with the hole in it. I just love the distressed cotton look right now and it the “Not My Problem” graphic was so perfect for highway vibes. Oh you don’t like the music I’m picking? Not my problem, boo. haha

My hair never really makes it through a road trip for some reason. Car air conditioning just isn’t my BFF, even though I am forever thankful for it. So I threw on a hat and finished the look with a slouchy black sweater (cause you know sometimes you gotta keep it a little colder in the car than it really needs to be) and my running shoes to match the athleisure aesthetic the hat added to the look.


What’s your go-to road trip outfit?

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