All the Single Ladies… Galentine’s Ideas for Valentine’s Single

galantine's day ideas single on valentine's

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my life I actually NEVER had a Valentine. Like I’m pretty sure before I met James I legit MAYBE had a Valentine on Valentine’s Day two other times in my entire life. That never stopped me from loving an excuse to binge eat chocolate and buy myself flowers, and with Galentine’s Day celebrations on the rise, it doesn’t have to stop you either.

single ladies on valentine's day

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with all your single friends, so you still feel all the love you have in your life. To me that’s what Valentine’s Day is about celebrating anyway!

galantine's day ideas single valentine's

  1. Hit up the Movies! 50 Shades Freed is out and you know your inner masochist is dying to see it, who cares if it reminds you of the life you don’t have?! Just drown that sorrow in some Prosecco from the movie theater bar and you’ll feel great in no time.
  2. Dinner for Two. You pay for your BFF, she pays for you, it’s like you’re each getting taken out on a date, but you at least know you honestly LOVE the person sitting across from you. You guys can play the game where you’re making fun of everyone on dates trying to figure out their life, it’ll be a blast.
  3. Slumber Party Time. So what if it’s a weeknight and you both have work the next day? Stay up late, play MASH, paint your nails, try a new face mask and binge watch The Bachelor or some similarly stupid and hilarious girly TV show. Sleepovers are basically one of my favorite girl’s night activities, I could careless about actually going out! haha
  4. Explore your Groupon Area. From concerts to escape rooms and everything in between- like spa days, massages, and fair tickets, groupon experiences are great shared with a friend and something you’ll truly treasure for years to come.
  5. Secret Cupid. Get a bunch of fun candies, gift baskets, and various items to fill them- grab your BFF- and make a fun goodie basket for your moms or someone who could really use the extra pick me up as a special surprise. Doing good for someone else ALWAYS makes me feel good too.

galantine's day ideas

No matter what you do, spending time with someone else and celebrating those around you who lift you up and support you come what may is really what this day is about. I can’t name a single Valentine’s day (and there were plenty where I was single) that I felt sad or bad about myself. You don’t have to take the bitter “I hate Valentine’s Day its a stupid holiday invented by greeting card companies to get people to spend money after Christmas” approach to this holiday even if you don’t have a partner, you’ve still got plenty of people around you to celebrate love shared with!

galantine's day ideas single on valentine's

Here are some of my favorite ideas to gift your gal pals this vday!


Hope you have the best Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day ever this year! What do you have planned so far?

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