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You ever have those moments where you’re just like “this is my life”? Maybe that’s too vague, it’s hard to describe the feeling I mean, but if you’ve experienced it, you know what I’m talking about. I remember being in middle school, having an awkward fashion sense in high school, and picking out my classes for my first semester in college. That feels like just yesterday. Even as I waited tables during the countless semesters at community college while I was continuing my education, I remember feeling so directionless. But now, here I am, a living breathing adult, who just married the love of her life 6 months ago and shares this life with an amazing 2.5 year old kid. I’m about to become a mother again and I still can’t believe this is my life.

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Growing up, my cousin Cheyla was literally like my favorite person in the entire universe. She’s 4 months younger than I am so we were always close because we were so close in age, aside from the fact that until we were in 3rd grade, her family lived in Pensacola and we could only see each other on holidays. When they finally did move down here it was like all my dreams came true! We got to spend so much time together. We opened an in-home nail painting business, and when that failed a $3 friendship bracelet company. She was Ginger Spice while I was Posh and her sister Chesney, was Baby. We were choreographers, make-up experts, and models. She’s seen me transition into the adult I am now, and now I get to watch her become a mother as well.


This weekend we celebrated her soon to arrive baby boy (that’s right- we are 4 months apart and our boys are due 4 weeks apart!), at a shower thrown by her creative sister & mother. It was so much fun to see her be so excited about this whole experience. I am so thrilled for her and just know she is going to make such an amazing mother. Her baby shower was thrown at what’s known in the Boone family as “the pit”. A great little outdoor pavilion that’s owned by my Aunt Faye on the Boone Nursery property. It was the perfect place to gather family, and a great place to reflect about the changes coming to both our lives very soon.


Cheyla was glowing in her white lace top, red lips and mid-rinse denim. Since I am literally about to pop, and everyone in my family made sure to remind me of that, I wore a simple shirt dress by Roxy I found at TJ Maxx (similar) to accentuate this oversized bump. I paired the dress with strappy sandals and a fabulous white leather bracelet.


This outfit was most importantly really comfortable, but also will make a great transition after the baby is born as the front buttons down for nursing. I’m really excited about this special time, and really excited to see Cheyla become a wonderful mother.


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