The Hype is Right- Sprinkle’s Cupcakes Comes to Tampa

sprinkles tampa

I’ve always wanted to live somewhere…fancier, than Central Florida. In my head I’ve always been more of a California girl, and my recent honeymoon in San Francisco confirmed that for me. While I throughly enjoy all the amenities being a Florida girl has provided me with, I have a taste for the foreign and trendy which is why when I read Sprinkle’s Cupcakes was coming to Hyde Park, I was exhilarated!

Sprinkles Tampa

Sprinkle’s Cupcakes started as the world’s first Cupcake Bakery in Beverly Hills in 2005, and has been whipping up happiness ever since. Our Tampa location opened April 28 and you bet I took my mother & toddler on opening day to get a taste of California confectionary.

Sprinkles Tampa Menu

The interior of the building alone is amazing, with gorgeous bright wall colors, a bursting cupcake display. It was so incredibly difficult to pick a cupcake from their extensive menu, but I managed to settle on a Carrot cupcake, while my mother enjoyed a Chocolate Marshmallow.


Since our Sprinkle’s also has ice cream, Cash was able to chow down on his new favorite snack: a fun-sized ice cream cone, while my mom and I ate our giant cupcakes with forks. Seriously, these cupcakes are so big you can share them, but they’re also so delicious you won’t want to.


While the crowd was rather large, being that it was opening day, the staff was very well prepared and the wait wasn’t bad at all. Everyone there was so friendly, and so accommodating to each individual customer. They all complemented Cash’s adorableness, and even remade his mini-cone when they saw him sit his down on a stool.


While I try not to buy into “hype” all the time, the buzz surrounding this bakery is on point and my family can’t wait for their cupcake ATM to be open so we can enjoy them 24/7!


Red Velvet & Chocolate Coconut,


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  1. Cash is super cute! I am not surprised that he got lots of attention. : 0 ). The cupcakes sound amazing. I had never heard of a cupcake ATM. We live in California and need to give this a try. I looked at their website and watched the video of the ATM in action. Pretty amazing!

    1. It’s awesome! They originated in California and I would LOVE to visit the original bakery in Beverly Hills! That would be an awesome time!

  2. Omg I remember when you posted this on IG!!! Sprinkles is the best. When I worked in LA all the time I always made it something I had to do before I went home lol… Glad to see they are expanding!!! Way to go sprinkles 😉

    1. I’m really excited. I WAS all about Publix Cake for birthdays, but we may have a new special occasion spot! They are fabulous!

  3. Cali is gorgeous, just so darn expensive!! Florida isn’t too bad though!! Y’all are way farther along then NM. We get everything dead last, if we even get it at all! that mini cone is adorable!

    1. I know! When we went to San Francisco for our honeymoon I was on Zillow all the time looking at places to get price ranges and to live comfortably with no worries like we do here we would have to find a way to almost triple our income!