Stocking Stuffers Guide $10 & Under!

If you are basic and only stuff stockings with candy then this is not the post for you. I am EXTRA AF when it comes to holidays, especially Christmas because obviously it’s the best holiday there is, which means I go all out, really ALL out. We always open stockings first, then take turns opening each gift so that we get to see everyone’s reactions and excitement opening gifts. That’s just how I’ve always done things and we’re super into tradition over here.

Since stockings are legit the FIRST part of our Christmas morning. I like to make them extra special, by adding unexpected cute little gifts to each stocking in addition to each person’s favorite candies. Here are some of my MUSTS for stocking stuffers. I never put anything over $10 in a stocking because well honestly if it’s more than $10-to me- that’s a gift that should be wrapped under the tree. So stocking gifts should be relatively inexpensive items that are a nice surprise!

(all links will get here in time for christmas if you order by EOD 12/20 or have Prime! )

For Her: Get her things she constantly has to purchase for herself like great scented soaps, bath bombs, lotions, masks, etc. Skin & Beauty products are most definitely my favorite small gifts to receive in my stocking, along with travel sized candles, nail polish, lip balm & even some more affordable lipsticks. Basically anything in the Target One Spot would make a great stocking stuffer!

For Him: For James I like to grab similar items, he likes to do masks with me so I’ll always get him a couple, as well as a nice razor, shaving stuff (cream, aftershave etc), AXE body sprays, basically anything they use in the bathroom. haha Aside from that since he’s into music, I’ve done a musical themed stocking with guitar picks, extra strings, and a tuner. Shoelaces for shoes are great little stuffers too, because while we can wash our shoes, it seems like the laces never get clean. Stylus Pens, Extra Earbuds, & Lightening cables also make great gifts because you really can never have too many!

For the Boys: Since they get a ton of toys, I’ll use their stockings to knock some small ones out of the way. Cash has a LOVE of Hexbugs this year, but their batteries die REALLY fast, so this Christmas I’m going through all his toys to find the 15 bugs we have, and putting new batteries in them, then putting them in his stocking. I know it may be cheating a little, but who cares, he’ll be so stoked his bugs are “alive” again! Every year I also grab a few little toys like Hotwheels cars, Mini action figurines, coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils or even little stuffed animals for their stockings. You get a lot of options when it comes to the kids, but I try to just keep it at 5 small toys and the rest candy!


CANDY: While the gifts are good, it’s just as important to get the good stuff when it comes to snacking and candies. Hammond’s Candies are legit my go-to goodies every year. They have the BEST packaging, quality, and really unique flavors of candies to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. I also ALWAYS get Reese’s trees. To me, the holiday version of Reese’s is always the best- the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is PERFECT, so I get a bag of Trees and divide it up for the whole family.


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