Stress-Free Braid Updo

Since going from Brunette to Blonde, my “bad hair days” have started to decrease more and more. One of the main reasons is that I don’t wash my hair as often, and because of that I get really creative with my hair styles on a day to day basis. One of my go-to hair looks is a quick braid undo that’s so simple to pull off and turns the worst hair days into fabulous ones!

My hair was an actual disaster so I didn’t take “along the way” shots of this hairstyle but it’s so easy, you don’t really need them!

  1. Brush your hair, and divide it into two sections where your part naturally falls that day.
  2. Smooth some de-frizz serum into your hair, working it through your ends first.
  3. Braid both sections of your hair, secure braid with small hair tie or bobby pin.
  4. “Criss Cross” your braids in the back of your head. Meaning to pin the end of one braid to the opposite side of your head and vice versa.
  5. Give your braids some volume by fluffing them out. Hairspray to finish the look.

This hairstyle was so simple to pull off and I got so many compliments! I loved wearing it around for a Sunday Stroll through the Farmer’s Market with James and the boys. It looked super elegant with this adorable black fit-n-flare dress and these awesome studded gladiators.

What’s your go-to hairstyle for a bad hair day!? I’m also a huge fan of hats!

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