Stripes for Curves.

I love an easy dress in the summer and it doesn’t get much easier than a striped dress in the summertime. A subtle stripe can be really versatile and you can wear a simple striped dress in a number of different ways. I admittedly have had this dress in my closet all summer but it never looked quite “right” enough to go out in.

After losing a few lbs and inches, it’s finally decided to look decent on my and I couldn’t be more excited because it’s been so hot down here lately I can’t put on much more than a sundress and sneakers or sandals without sweating my bootay off.

I know that curvy girls have been told my entirely too many people that horizontal stripes will “make you look wider” and “should be avoided” but as I’ve told clients over and over it’s MUCH MORE about the material and the way an item fits than it is about the stripes.

I tend to get my horizontal stripes in thinner variteys, this give an all over slimming pattern that’s appeasing to the eye, and works to help slim you out some, so instead of looking wider you actually end up looking slimmer in the stripes!

Adding a camel colored belt at the high-waist to break up the stripes ended up making all the difference for me. The length of the dress was ho-hum on my short frame, but adding the belt helped elongate my body enough to make the dress look more proportional.

While this would look adorable with some flats and a cardigan for a more laid back work-wear day, it also feels really cute for a day just running errands with some white sneakers.

What’s something you’ve been told to avoid wearing because of your size? I’d love to help show you how to rock it!


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