Plan for Life.

best planner 2018

This year I’m all about manifesting the life I want and having a plan to make that life mine. Admittedly, I’m basically the MOST type B person there is. I go with the flow so much sometimes I forget where the flow was supposed to be taking me in the first place and that can be an issue when you actually need to get some shit done. I got 2 planners for Christmas this year and they are both so […]

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Beat Those Post Christmas Blues

Honestly, Christmas is basically like my favorite holiday ever and it always goes by entirely too fast. If you’re like me, there’s always a little bit of an after Christmas slump you find yourself in the week or two following Christmas. Here’s a few tips for beating those post Christmas blues that have tremendously helped me! Get yourself looking cute. You got tons of new make-up, clothes, bags, etc so now is the time to rock them daily, before all […]

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