Basics x Tampa

Sometimes all you need is a great outfit filled with the basics to look your best. I have 3 go-to pieces that I’ve bought in several different colors that always look incredible on! All you need is a great sneaker, skinny jean, and baggy tee and you’re all set with the most basic, comfortable and casual outfit. This look is great for a casual weekend out shopping, a laid-back dinner with friends or family, or just perusing the farmer’s market […]

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basic street style

While I love fashion forward clothing, I feel as though as I age, my style continues to evolve. 5 years ago I was wearing oversized bows and headbands with basically everything and pattern on pattern outfits were my favorite. While, I still have a good love for some pattern on pattern, currently my personal style is now pulled to more basics. I’ve recently started purging in a HUGE way. Basically my goal is to own as little as possible, so […]

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