BoHo Vibes. OTS Dress

OTS dress red

As I’ve mentioned before. I am really loving the off-the-shoulder (OTS) trend that’s been big for about a year now. I fully foresee it playing through Summer and Fall fashions for this year, so I keep adding these great OTS pieces to my closet. I found this red dress that combines three trends into one, and I HAD to have it. BoHo + Fun Sleeves + OTS = Style Win for me.  The vintage floral print on this dress screams […]

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Going, Going, Blonde.

from dark brown hair to blonde

Anyone else love to make major hair changes when they go through a huge change? (Raises Hand) I recently made some major changes in my life, like a WHOLE lot, and to celebrate my newfound attitude I totally flipped the script and went from dark brown hair, to ashy blonde. What Changed? Life wise A LOT. I went through this serious Post-Pardom Depression where I didn’t want to shop and all I really wanted to do was sleep and eat […]

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Boyfriend Button Downs

I went through a phase through middle and high school where Old Navy ruled my fashion life. I shopped there almost exclusively for a very long time, however when I started my fashion journey in 2007 I started to shy away from the trends of my past, and I left Old Navy behind me. Flash forward to this year, I stepped in one while shopping with my mother and everything was perfect again! I found jeans that fit my awkwardly […]

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Wear what you’re "mint" to!

Old Navy has really surprised me this season, and pretty much become my go-to store for great fits. Yesterday I was obsessing over their skinny jeans, and now I’ve moved on to this awesome high-waited flowy skirt I picked up there on the same day. I’m going back to slowly buy every color of Super Skinnys they have, and this skirt in different patterns and colors has also been added to my must-have for Spring&Summer! From a distance the skirt […]

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Headband Braids & Short Hair, it’s not impossible!

On Christmas Eve Eve I decided to be brave and chop off some of my dead bleached hair. It was long and I love having long hair, but since I didn’t keep up with normal trims, it was very unhealthy, and I had to do what was best for it. I love having the “LOB” -long bob- and there’s so much I can do with my new short hair which is awesome! However, with long hair I could do these […]

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#VitalityVoxBox from Influenster

I received these products for testing purposes from, the opinions stated here are honest and provided without compensation. It’s that time again! I always get so excited when I qualify for a new VoxBox program, they are always such fun surprises! This time I received the Vitality Voxbox, in it I found some awesome stuff! For starters, as a new mom I love to be prepared for anything, so this First Degree burn cream is perfect for my first […]

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