Mood for 2018

christmas outfit inspo

Happy New Year! I don’t ever really make resolutions at the start of each year but I do get a really good feeling about this one. James got me a great planner for the year from Danielle Laporte that really helps focus on manifesting what you want from life as opposed to just scheduling things. This year I do feel really empowered to take on what I want, and really push myself to accomplish all my goals. This year I’ll […]

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Sassy on the Weekends

So it’s finally cooled off in Florida, and by that I mean we’re in the 70’s not the 90’s so I can comfortably wear jeans outside and not feel like I’m going to have a heat stroke. Awesome. When I woke up Saturday morning, James and I both knew we wanted to take Cash out and enjoy the beautiful weather! I also wanted to get in some great pics, since the natural lighting outside was extraordinary. Without going overboard I […]

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