Denim on Denim, with a Polka Pop

There is nothing wrong about a good solid denim on denim look. The right amount of contrast to an all jean look makes it super fashionable for any occasion.

While I love doing denim on denim in several different ways, breaking up the mid-rinse skinny jeans I have with a layer of polka dots and my light wash denim jacket on top, was the cutest casual weekend look when the James and I went with the boys to check out Avalon Park.

I chose to accentuate the feminine details of the polka dot top with my Kendra Scott necklace, the tassel and gold color adds just the right amount of polish to the laid back ensemble.

I’ve also been carrying my Henri Bendel Crosby bag basically non-stop since getting it in may, and the sea salt color brightened the denim up a bit. I finished the look off with blush colored lace-up flats. I love how these flats can add just the right amount of pink to any outfit, and the lace-up detail gives them that extra Ballerina flare that brings us all back to playing dress up as kids. <3 Fun Fact: I wanted to be a Ballerina for far too long as a child, but constantly being the shortest kid in class wouldn’t have gotten me far on that road. hahaha


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Winter White in the Florida Sun


It’s very difficult for me to find a jean that fits me perfectly being that I am only 4’10” and curvier than an average chick. Finding jeans that don’t give me “muffin top” is hard enough, but to add to that I also have to find jeans that aren’t an entire foot too long, it’s a damn near impossible task.


While shopping at Old Navy last week I found my unicorn. I was in search of white denim because it’s going to be a must have for the upcoming Spring and Summer season, and Old Navy had some that were so soft on sale for $30! I thought to myself, “these look perfect, but I bet they won’t have my size”. However after only digging through 2 piles of denim under the display table I was able to find my size in SHORT length. I quickly ran them to the register without even trying them on, afraid I would drop them and someone would steal my unicorn.


When I got home I was a little skeptical, I thought for sure they wouldn’t fit right, even as I was trying them on, and buttoning them without having to lay on the bed. I zipped them up and sure enough! They were perfect! Such a wonderful fit! All short curvy girls our denim is here!! HOORAH! They are the Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans and they are the most amazing fit ever!


No muffin top! No elephant ankles! Just perfect denim made to accentuate our assets, and hide our troubled areas! I love a denim on denim look always, and the contrast in these denims is simply perfect for a fun casual look! I threw on my super sassy red peep-toe flats from H&M, and grabbed my red cardigan before heading out the door in this super cute and stylish outfit of the day!


I kept my make-up simple, while part of me did want to do a red-lip, I felt it would have just looked too obvious with the red shoes and cardigans, and I hate for anything to seem too predictable in my ensembles!



If you have trouble finding the right jean for your body type, I definitely recommend trying on a pair of Rockstar Super Skinny’s at Old Navy, they claim to be perfect for every body type and after my experience I totally believe it!


Rockstar Denim,


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