Disney Style- Pt. 1

James and I recently got Disney annual passes. I love Disney and it’s such a fun time with the kids. Living in Celebration we’re only about a 5 minute drive from the parks, so I plan to go A LOT. However, unlike many tourists, I love to dress up for Disney. There’s a ton of photo ops, and happy people on vacation always around and willing to snap a few pics for you.

disney attire

When I dress for the park I want to look like “Disney Cute”. Since I haven’t gone a ton yet, this post is about my first outfit the day we got our passes, but there will be plenty more Disney Style posts to come in the near future.

For this day in the park I chose to wear denim, this helps prevent my legs from chafing while walking all day in the park. My black distressed skinny jeans are always a go-to, because of the amount of stretchy comfort they provide.

I paired them with an adorable cream blouse that featured large black polka dots from The Loft Outlet. It was such a steal at only $30, but unfortunately Loft Outlet things aren’t available online, so I’ve linked some similar ones at the bottom of this post for those interested. The polka dots are very very classic Disney, so of course I bought myself a pink sequined pair of Minnie Mouse ears to top the whole look off!

disney style

Lastly, shoes matter so much when walking through Disney all day. A typical 4-5 hour day at Disney will be around 15k-20k steps, so shoes that don’t make you blister are crucial. That’s why I love my white converse! They are comfy AF, no blisters anywhere, and they pair well with just about any and every outfit.

Since I wasn’t with the kids, I used a crossbody bag, just big enough to carry my cards, phone, and lip balm. This was so easy to carry all day, without the extra weight of a huge bag.

Do you dress up for Disney? What do you typically wear to the park?

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Disney’s Up Theme Party


My Birthday is coming up! I LOVE birthdays, it just doesn’t get any better than celebrating someone’s life, be it my own or someone I care about, a celebration is always fun for me. With my birthday approaching I have been reminiscing about Cash’s 2nd Birthday party we threw in November. It was so much fun, and I’m excited to share with you some of the super awesome details we went into to plan this spectacular backyard bash.


For Cash’s party I wanted to do something cute that he would enjoy, that also wasn’t too basic or kitschy. He has an obsession with balloons and bubbles so I thought an UP themed party would work wonderfully. If you haven’t seen Disney’s Up, it’s a great story about creating adventures in every stage of your life and I highly suggest it for family movie night (be prepared to ugly cry during the first 10 minutes though). Balloons are a big deal in the movie since the main character Carl, decides to float his house via helium balloons to Paradise Falls, South America. Since Carl is an older gentleman, the movie also has small touches of nostalgic americana fair which is what I went with as far as overall decor & snacks concepts.


Our main gift to Cash was this sweet little playhouse, to fit it into the theme we rented a helium tank and blew up 150 balloons! We used them all over and gave them away as favors for the kids when they left, so they turned out to be fabulous and fun decorations!


Aside from the balloons, I also focused on Vintage snacking. Carl and Ellie worked at a Zoo, so I figured Animal Crackers, Glass Bottled Soda, and Fresh Popcorn were great personal touches to add to the theme.


While toddlers aren’t much for games they LOVE running around, so hosting this in the backyard with a few extra seating areas for the adults worked out wonderfully. All the kids had a blast playing in the playhouse, and since everyone there was a parent we all had a great laugh watching them have so much crazy fun!


To wrap up all the fun we created an Adventure Book for Cash to keep his birthday memories in. Each guest signed it with an idea for a fun adventure for him to do this year! It was awesome reading the ideas after the party was over.



Do you have a favorite themed birthday party you’ve hosted for your kids?



Carl&Ellie 4ever,




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For the Love of Disney! Our #disneyside @homecelebration!

In January I got news that I was selected by MomSelect to host an exciting party full of Disney fun!!! The MomSelect team put together these great packages full of pixie dust with all the ingredients to host an amazing celebration centered around a Disney theme! We got a general Mickey/Minnie theme, and I thought since Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching at the time, a Love&Disney party would be wonderful!


It’s so much fun to watch Cash play with other kids around his age, so I sent out some invitations to family and close friends with kids to make sure we had a good amount of guests for more fun! I set up a huge food table, because let’s face it, that’s really the most important part of a party. I really like to keep our family diet free of GMOs and tons of sugars, so I wanted our snack table to reflect that.

Earth’s Best sent some delicious kid-friendly organic snacks for the little ones. Cash loves all the flavors, and I love that he’s eating non-GMO healthy food that provides him with tons of nutrition.


I set up some fruit and veggie trays for the adults and CrunchPak provided us with these awesome Mickey shaped healthy fresh fruit&veggie packs for the kids!


Who doesn’t love pizza? Right??! So, for the kids and adults I made these delicious little mini-pizzas with Mickey mouse heads made of pepperoni’s using some delicious Kontos cocktail flatbreads! These things were gobbled up extremely quickly! I didn’t even get to try one before they were all gone! I simply made some pizza sauce in a food processor (tomato paste, fresh roma tomato, basil, garlic and EVOO), spread a dab on each flatbread, then covered with cheese and pepperoni’s!


Instead of boring potato chips, I opted for healthier snacks for the adults from Kay’s Naturals. These are really awesome and deliciously flavored snacks (Honey Mustard Pretzels, Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, etc.) that are low on the glycemic index, some are completely gluten free, with low-carbs and extremely high in protein! They are the best treats for adult snacking, without all the empty calories!


As a final treat I made a Mickey Mouse cake, using the cake pan that came in my party kit! This was our indulgent snack as it was full of sugar with both cream cheese AND chocolate frostings! It was well worth the calorie splurge!


After everyone got settled, we played some really fun games also provided by Disney! Disney Bingo was definitely the parents favorite, and while we HAD a pin-the-mouth on Mickey game, most of the kids were still too young to really understand how to play, so the parents had to chip in to help their kids win! It was so funny blindfolding and spinning my sister-in-law as she tried to win her little girls a toy!!



We also had a lot of fun outside at our party too! I set up some sidewalk chalk photo-ops for mommy and me time! While the kiddos weren’t as cooperative as the kids featured in the Pinterest post I saw this idea on, it still turned out to be super fun and cute!!





We all had such a good time! I wanted to give each of the kids and moms something to take with them so they could remember this special occasion! While I did receive some really cool stuff in my box to include, like Disney Princess Nail polish and Micky Mouse Tattoos,  I found LOTS of stuff for basically no cost at all between the One Spot at Target and Dollar Tree to fill goody bags with! These were awesome, and since we had a lot of people cancel, each little kid at our party got to walk home with 2!! It was so fun seeing the kids all excited and going through their bags! All my mommy’s there also LOVED their treat totes, which were just filled with chocolate and princess polish as well!



Mommy Treat Totes!



I just mixed Valentine’s Day decor I already owned with the Disney stuff that was sent to me to create a really fun decorated atmosphere for the party. We all had such a great time I’m thinking we’ll have to host another kids party soon!!!

My beautiful niece Hayden!
My beautiful niece Hayden!
Cash and cousin Marley!
Cash and cousin Marley!


How do you and your family show your #disneyside?!?!

Mouse Ears & Minnie Bows,




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Pinterest Wins: The Struggle behind the Victory.

Lately it seems like “Pinterest Fail” photos and links are all over my social media news feeds. Being a blogger, and a crafty person, I typically am the one uploading and creating fun craft ideas and recipes. It’s a rare occasion for me to pin something and follow the directions, as I’m more of a “Pinned it, Spinned it” kind of girl. However, since I’ve been selected out of thousands of applicants to host an amazing #Disneyside @homecelebration, I wanted to go ALL OUT, and really show the world my party planning & prep skills. I created a fabulous Pinterest Board full of Disney ideas, and I WAS really committed to recreating each of those darling crafts for Cash’s Disney themed Valentine’s Day party. That was until last night…

I found this pin, and while I don’t typically do processed foods in general, I thought they would make the cutest little treats for the kids goody bags! Seems simple and self explanatory right?

1. Put 2 halves of a mini Oreo on the side of 1 mega-stuffed or double stuff Oreo

2. Dip in melted chocolate

3. Allow to cool for 2-3 hours

4. Dip bottom half in red baking melts

5. Dip stick into red baking melts and attach to Oreo

6. Allow to cool and then add your buttons

Here’s how it really went down:

1. Shuffle through Oreo package and pick out the 20 cookies that aren’t ALREADY broken

2. Attach Mini-Oreos to the top, and try not to break the big Oreo in the process (this happened about 13 times)

3. Once you have your unbroken Mickey Mouse Oreo heads, dip them in chocolate. Only, when you dip them, the little Oreos will fall out, causing a huge chocolate mess, globbing, and breaking of the big Oreo. Think of a different way to coat the top in chocolate. Try using a spoon, but don’t coat with the spoon too hard, or the ears will fall off and break the big Oreo… Try using an unused paint brush, immediately stop when you see the paint brush hairs coming out in your chocolate. Try to stop crying, suck it up, it’s a PINTEREST CRAFT for God’s sake, you CAN and WiLL do this!!!


4. After about 2 hours of attempting to glop chocolate on enough to cover the top portion of Mickey’s head, and having just BARELY enough to put one in each child’s goody bag say to yourself “That’s Good enough”, and put them in the fridge overnight, you’ll need your rest if you’re going to finish these damn things.


5. Wake up and have a TON of coffee. Count your Mouse heads just to make sure you have SOME room for error (if you don’t have room for error, start back at step 1)

Now the next problem was my fault, the pinner’s instructions CLEARLY said “Red Baking Melts”, but Target had vanilla almond bark melt on sale for less than $1 a package, and I THOUGHT (silly me) that I could just add red food coloring to that and it would work. WRONG. Food coloring in almond bark melt completely takes away it’s dipp-able consistency and you end up with a weird dry frosting-like substance. So…

6. Think on your feet! You can’t have red bottoms, so dipping them in white, and covering them in pink sprinkles for Minnie and red sprinkles for Mickey will work!!! This part actually was the easiest part! It worked, and was super simple, though it didn’t produce that “professional pinnable” look I was hoping for, at this point I just wanted to be done without quitting! Side tip: remember to turn your heat off while doing this, otherwise your lovely chocolate covered Mickey Mouse tops will start to melt in your hands as your dipping.

7. Dip your stick (in my case cute paper straws that I cut in half) into the white chocolate then attach it to the bottom of your mouse head. Don’t try to force the stick in, or the Oreo will break. Don’t be too gentle inserting the stick, or it will fall right off. After proper insertion of said stick, CAREFULLY place these precious Mickey and Minnie’s in the refrigerator . If you want, after 3 hours, you may take a few out to photograph, after a battle like that, you’ll want a keepsake from this Victory.


Mine certainly don’t look anything like the pin, but after a process that took about 4 hours altogether, I’m marking this one as a win in my book, and from now on I’m going to stick to uploading the pins myself again! If you’re out there struggling with a pin, know that you are not alone, and you CAN avoid the Pinterest Fail, if you have a positive outlook, a glass (or 4) of wine, and stick with it!



Double Stuffed and Mini,


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