Spring Trends

floral dress spring curvy fashion

I have been such a busy B lately (pun intended) with my Instagram, that sadly I know I’ve been neglecting writing actual posts. I wanted to share with you today a recent spring look I shot in collaboration with Enchanted Boutique in Celebration. Enchanted is a really fun small boutique. While the product is honestly sometimes hit or miss, when they “hit” it’s always a home run, so I like to pop in there once a week to see what […]

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To – TULLE – Y in LOVE.

tulle skirt outfit curves

Honestly since Carrie Bradshaw had her tulle moment in Sex and the City I have been obsessed with full tulle skirts and the street style that surrounds a great tulle bottomed look. When I found a great deal on a high-low tulle skirt at Target (seriously it’s on clearance for under $15 right now!) I knew I had to purchase this seriously fun piece. Seeing the amount of versatility that you get with a tulle skirt really helped me realize […]

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How To Shop Sales & Never Pay Full Price. 4 Tips for Smart Fashion Shopping

how to shop sales and never pay full price

As a follow up to the 2018 Fashion budget post I did 2 weeks ago, I wanted to touch on how I shop. Shopping smart is so important these days. To be honest, most fashion retailers have a mark-up of over 70% of cost. Of course I understand mark-up’s like this are necessary to provide quality employees at Brick-and-Mortar retail locations, and to ensure a business itself is successful. However, I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever […]

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An American in Paris, in America…

american in paris

I have had Paris on my mind A LOT this year. I’ve never been there, hell, I’ve never even left the USA. I don’t even have a passport, but I do plan on visiting France at some point because honestly I just know I’ll adore everything about it. From the French countryside, to the gorgeous art & culture I love daydreaming about this place I’ve never been to. Since I can’t ACTUALLY go to France right now, I enjoy hitting […]

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Magical Day at Magic Kingdom #MinnieStyle

disney style minnie bound

One of my favorite things about living in Celebration is how close we are to Disney. Seriously World Drive connects right to the exit of our town and then all roads lead to Disney! Magic Kingdom is without a doubt both mine and the boys favorite park. It truly is one of the most magic filled places on Earth, and a day there is sure to bring your family memories you’ll cherish for years to come. While it’s important to […]

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Flannel & Fashion

flannel shirt cold day

So another really great versatile piece to have in your closet is a great flannel shirt. You can choose any color but flannel tops make great year round pieces for your wardrobe. You can pair them over tees/tanks with denim shorts in the spring/summer, or layer them with sweaters/jackets/jeans in the cooler months. Target is always such a great place to pick up affordable trendy clothing with a lot of bang for your buck. I grabbed this flannel for $20 […]

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Werking it in Workwear

curvy work attire

Since I’m budgeting myself a lot more this year I really want to maximize the amount of outfits I can get with each item of clothing I own. When I purchase anything I always think how much wear I’ll get out of it, this makes it easy to decide whether or not it’s an item worth buying. I’m most particular about dresses because they don’t give a lot of versatility at times, but I LOVE adding cute skirts to my […]

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2018 Fashion Budget

yearly fashion budget

Having a Fashion Budget: This isn’t something I’ve actually ever done, but after going over what I spent last year on clothing and accessories alone I realized I could have gone to Europe for like 2 weeks. I used to be in Fashion Retail Management, which came with a sweet discount and a need to purchase clothes on a regular basis to keep up with the current retail season. However, since I’m at home with the kids and mainly keep […]

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Plaid – ly in Love.

plaid top ruffle

I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with plaid. Call me Scottish- which I am- but there’s just something about the different criss-crossed patterns of fun and different colors together that just really speaks to me. However, I’ve never really cared too much for how a basic plaid button down looks on my body without jazzing it up a bit. When I found this adorable plaid top at Target It had to be mine. The sleeves fit so much […]

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Hot Pink Pops

Listen, while I’ve grown up a lot since I was 7, my dream as a child was to be Barbie. Like she had all the career options, a handsome ass husband, tons of great clothes, hot friends, and most of all- all the pink things you could imagine. Call me basic, but part of me (like 70% haha) is still really drawn to all things pink, girly, and feminine. I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World. When I saw […]

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