Style Trend: Wide Leg Pants

wide leg pants

So wide leg pants have become a thing, and I wasn’t sure how to feel about it. On one hand, they look super chic on basically every IG blogger I’ve seen rock them, but on the other hand, those bloggers don’t have my already wide thighs, so I wasn’t 100% about trying to pull them off. Would they make my legs look bigger? Would the bold pattern draw attention to an area I’ve been trying to mask for some time […]

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Floral Fabric Pants, the obsession is real.

It’s not too often I can come across something extremely comfortable AND fashion forward at the same time. I like to look casually cute when I walk to the park with Cash, however I also need to be wearing something that doesn’t make me sweat or cause pain so I can actually walk there and back. I found these amazing floral fabric ankle pants at Target, and feel in love instantly. They are made of a lightweight cotton, and the […]

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