Hot Pink Pops

Listen, while I’ve grown up a lot since I was 7, my dream as a child was to be Barbie. Like she had all the career options, a handsome ass husband, tons of great clothes, hot friends, and most of all- all the pink things you could imagine. Call me basic, but part of me (like 70% haha) is still really drawn to all things pink, girly, and feminine. I’m a Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World. When I saw […]

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Mood for 2018

christmas outfit inspo

Happy New Year! I don’t ever really make resolutions at the start of each year but I do get a really good feeling about this one. James got me a great planner for the year from Danielle Laporte that really helps focus on manifesting what you want from life as opposed to just scheduling things. This year I do feel really empowered to take on what I want, and really push myself to accomplish all my goals. This year I’ll […]

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Sundresses and Cowgirl Boots- Back to Basics

I love experimenting with different fashion forward looks, however sometimes when I’m not feeling great about those alternative looks, it’s nice to get back to my roots. I started this blog as “Dirty South Style” and was really focused on affordable southern looks that embraced class and elegance with comfort and functionality. There’s nothing as classic in the south as a sundress with cowgirl boots. I did want to make it my own by adding a cardigan, skinny belt, and […]

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