Lovely Lavender

I’m going to be 100% honest. I have never liked the color Purple, no I’m not talking about the amazing Oprah movie either, I’m talking about the physical color. I’ve used a ton of plum eye liners and shadows to make my green eyes pop. But I’ve never owned an article of clothing in this shade because, well, I hate it. Until now. I found this lavender dress at Forever 21 and it fits SO well!

The shade is just the right amount of pastel mixed with vibrancy to it’s not so springy, and just right for the spring/summer transition. The dress hangs so naturally lightly off the shoulders, which is great for me because with most of my OTS pieces I do end up fighting to keep the arms in place for a good portion of the day.

Not with this dress though! For a lunch out with my mom, brother, and Cash, I dress it a little more laid back with bush perforated lace-up flats. It came with this amazing little fabric belt to cinch in my waist for a really flattering fit.

Accessory wise, I wore some great white beaded dangles, making the look a little more elevated with curls in my hair for the nicer restuarant we were dining at. I also threw on my 3 Bourbon & Bowties bracelets, because they just look great with everything, and the “State of Mind” Kate Spade pendant I haven’t taken off since Mother’s Day.

I love that this dress has a great amout of versatility. To dress it up a little more for a brunch out, I’d pair this exact look with wedges instead. To dress it down for running errands or just getting out of the house for a coffee run, I’d simply throw on a denim jacket, some white sneakers, and a messy bun.

This dress definitely opened my eyes to the gorgeousness that is the color purple, and how great it looks on every skin tone. PS- it totally did make my green eyes POP! <3

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Be Free. How to Dress like a Hippie 101


My style is honestly bi-polar. I can never commit to one particular way of dressing. Some days I love a pencil skirt and button down, while others I prefer cozy leggings, boots & a tunic. I don’t mind this, it’s certainly fun to dress up in different character ensembles every day, and my closet has all the means to do so. One of my favorite ways to dress is like a hippie, hipster, whatever you want to call people who attend 5 day music festivals in the middle of a grass field. That’s how I like to look on my really casual days off. Here I’ve assembled my “hippie basics” to ensure everyone is able to recreate a perfect festival or hipster ensemble.


  1. High-Waisted Denim Cut-Offs. These are from American Eagle entitled “The Festival Shortie”, for the specific reason that girls who flock to festivals love these shorts so much. I like that they come up higher on the waist, which is very figure-flattering for a short stumpy mom-bod like myself. They aren’t incredibly short either, which is nice for my not-so-slender thighs. All in all, the shorts elongate my legs, while giving my body proper visual balance, and being easy to throw on in a hurry!
  2. Breezy Peasant Top. I’m 100% sure the peasant top was created by a hippie, and so it must stand that this is THE go-to blouse type to perfectly combine with your cut-offs for a true peacemakers outfit. The neckline is a little on the lower cut end, so it nicely enhances my womanly nature. This blouse also is looser around my mid-section, allowing me to easily conceal my remaining baby belly, while not tenting the area! This top is available at Forever 21
  3. Lots of Beaded Bracelets. The more the better, and the more hand-made they look the better as well! Remember those Friendship Bracelets you made with your cousins in 3rd grade? If you still have them pile them on! You want to give the appearance of being ultra crafty, down to earth, and that you’re EVERYONES BFF! I found some that are almost as awesome as the ones 8 yo Brittany made at Express.
  4. A Bejeweled Headband. No Gypsy spirit is complete without a fabulous headband, worn over the hair, as opposed to under like “The Man” wants you too. I picked mine up at The Limited, and I love all the different ways I can wear it to dress up an up-do or a ponytail, but I specifically love how bohemian it looks like this!


There you have it! How to dress like a hippie in 4 easy steps! Now go forth, follow rainbows and dance like no one’s watching!


Not all who wander are lost,


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Floral Fabric Pants, the obsession is real.

It’s not too often I can come across something extremely comfortable AND fashion forward at the same time. I like to look casually cute when I walk to the park with Cash, however I also need to be wearing something that doesn’t make me sweat or cause pain so I can actually walk there and back. I found these amazing floral fabric ankle pants at Target, and feel in love instantly.


They are made of a lightweight cotton, and the pattern is so simple, it really goes with anything. I chose to pair it with a basic white tee shirt (H&M $12) and gray cardigan (Forever 21 $9). I accessorized with a fabulously over-the-top statement necklace with great bold coral and lavender stones,  my favorite watch from Frannies and a simple bangle from The Limited.



I got these Steve Madden flats last year at Rack Room on a BOGO deal, and have been using them as my pre-spring shoe all month! I love the woven creme design, and they are super easy to walk in!


Oh and the whole alphabet set of earrings is now at Forever 21 for $5, I LOVE them!


Lately I’ve really been into doing different things with my hair since James cut it shorter for me. Today I got really funky with it, and put it up in messy pigtail buns! So fun! And it kept me from constantly getting my hair blown in my face while we were outside today!



The whole look is just what I needed to perk me up out of my mid-week funk! It’s so motivating to go out and do something when you really like the way you present yourself to the world! Just because you’re a mom and need functionality when it comes to your clothes, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a cute look too!


Cotton Comfort,


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Collars & Crew-Necks

Lately I’ve been really in love with wearing crew-neck sweaters with botton-down shirts underneath. I love the subtle pop of color or pattern that just peeks out at the wrist, collar, and waist. The look is very classy and polished, while still being a little fashion forward, and easy to wear while chasing around the little ones


This look features a rust crew-neck with floral embellishments on the shoulders from Forever 21, a navy, white and brown Ashton blouse from The Limited, Joe’s boyfriend jeans, and some awesome Nine West heels.


I accessorized with a great big watch from Francesca’s Collections, a great hammered 3-tiered necklace and a simple bangle from The Limited. Completing the look without letting the accessories take away from the ensemble.



These shoes may just be my favorite thing ever, I can wear them with basically anything and everything I own because of their neutral color, and they are SO easy to walk in! The heel isn’t too large, making them really comfortable as well!


Collars & Crew-Necks,


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Stripes and Tights

I absolutely LOVE the weather in St.Pete right now! It’s a little chilly but the sun is out! It’s a great time to be outdoors, and play around! One of the challenges I’ve faced with dressing nice while playing outdoors is that I find myself accidentally flashing people my butt when I wear dresses! UGH SO EMBARASSING! However, thanks to this LOVELY weather we’re experiencing I can wear thick opaque tights with my dresses now and save myself some awkward moments!


James got me this awesome striped dress from Forever 21 for Christmas. I paired it with black opaque tights, a statement necklace, and a denim vest from The Limited, then finished the ensemble with Sam&Libby tan boots from Target!


This look was so fun and so easy to chase after Cash in the park in!!! I definitely recommend the look to any mom on the go who wants to maintain her girly self!!


Black, White & Blue Jean Baby,


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All I want for my birthday is…..

This week has flown by, I’m 92% sure Cash has started to teethe, instead of the cheerful always full of smile baby, he’s been so much fussier, and clingy this week. I love that he loves me so much he finds comfort and is soothed by being in my arms, however that makes getting ANYTHING at all done damn near impossible. He’s sleeping way less during the day (no more naps every 2 hours, now it’s more like 30 min naps every 3-4 hours), but he does sleep through the night which is amazing for us. He just turned 4 months old on sat! Oh I love him so so much!

This morning, he was all bright-eyed, I threw my hair up in a top knot, which I have been doing a lot lately, the style is so laid back, yet so polished and still a little edgy, perfect for me to fall in love with, obvi.



My birthday is this sat! Whoo-hoo, I’ll be 26, I really feel like 25 was a great year for me, I met the love of my life, had a baby, got engaged, started pursuing my passion, and grew a whole shoe size! I can’t wait to dive into 26 and see what this year has in store: Cash’s first birthday, the birth of my niece Marley, and my brother’s wedding are all exciting and in the near-distant future! Now, I have admittedly the worst history of birthday events ever, I mean as a child my mother did such a spectacular job not only throwing us awesome birthday parties, but also making our actual birthday (parties are always on weekends so 5/7 birthday parties aren’t on ACTUAL birthDAYS) very special. So, now even though I’m fully grown, I still celebrate my birthday for at least 3 days. This year it falls on a sat, which means a whole entire birthday weekend. I try to have a big to-do dealio birthday every year. Just something with a lot of people, alcohol, and Publix cake is what I’m all about, and EVERY year, no one shows up ever, I mean, seriously no one. I would explain further, but that’s just depressing, and it’s almost my birthday so I  don’t want to be a downer. Anyway, taking all that into consideration, this year: keeping it mellow. James is obsessed with UFC and one of his favorite fighters Johny Hendricks is fighting on my birthday, so I’m compromising: he gets to watch the UFC fight on MY birthday, but we’re going to spend the whole DAY before and AFTER doing what I want to do. What do I want to do? Well tomorrow when he gets home from work we are going to spend the evening at a hotel on Treasure Island, I want to drink and be in a hot tub until 2am, then saturday during the day, we will be relaxing and I will be sipping on Mojitos at the beach, I am SO pale, that needs to be fixed, then after a nap, I want my close friends to come to my house and drink with me and distract me from the fact that I’m watching sports on my birthday, lol. And then of course I want to wrap up my weekend with Sunday Brunch at Datz. Here’s my attire!!

I can’t decide between this white dress or this black look for friday evening dinner, I’ll probably do the black just because it’s more slimming and I’ve still got baby weight to loose.

Nude Dress: Dillards Peeptoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Necklace: Francesca's Collections
Nude Dress: Dillards
Peeptoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Necklace: Francesca’s Collections



Dress&Blazer: The Limited Belt, Necklace, Wedges: Forever21 Watch: Francesca's Collections
Dress&Blazer: The Limited
Belt, Necklace, Wedges: Forever21
Watch: Francesca’s Collections


Here’s my day look for Treasure Island, Beach Breakfast&Lunch

Swimsuit: Forever 21 Skirt: Target Flyaway: The Limited Flats: Steve Madden Hat: CottonOn
Swimsuit: Forever 21
Skirt: Target
Flyaway: The Limited
Flats: Steve Madden
Hat: CottonOn


And here’s my on the beach look, the high-waisted bikini allows me to cover some heavier hips since I still have baby weight to loose, however it looks way trendier and less conservative “mom-ish” than a simple one piece.

Bag: Francesca's Collections Suit&Sunnies: Forever21 Hat: CottonOn Flats: h&m
Bag: Francesca’s Collections
Suit&Sunnies: Forever21
Hat: CottonOn
Flats: h&m

25 was fun! Here’s to 26: Best Year Ever?

Goodbye 25!
Goodbye 25!


Pearls and Wisdom,











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