Date Night Post-Pregnancy

While I love being a mother, it’s important to my husband and I to make sure we have time for ourselves. Thankfully we have a wonderful family that lives close by and is more than happy to take the boys off our hands for a couple of hours at a time. This time away from the kids helps us reconnect and come back more rejuvenated as parents so we are able to take better care of our babies. Our first […]

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Packing for the Hospital

What to pack for the hospital

Last time I had a baby I had NO IDEA (aside from recommendations on the internet) of what to pack or expect for the stay at the hospital. Going into this delivery with the knowledge of what I can expect, how long I am staying, and how I’m going to feel is making preparing for this 3-4 day stay much easier. While I don’t EXACTLY know if I’ll be in the hospital from Mon-Wed or Mon-Thurs, at least I have […]

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Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay…

You ever have those moments where you’re just like “this is my life”? Maybe that’s too vague, it’s hard to describe the feeling I mean, but if you’ve experienced it, you know what I’m talking about. I remember being in middle school, having an awkward fashion sense in high school, and picking out my classes for my first semester in college. That feels like just yesterday. Even as I waited tables during the countless semesters at community college while I was […]

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Yes I Scheduled a C-Section.

Like most expectant mothers, when I found out I was pregnant with Cash I was exhilarated and so excited to give birth. I wasn’t afraid of the pain, I wasn’t worried about induction statistics, and I fully trusted my OB. I was looking forward to getting my epidural and pushing a gorgeous baby out of my tiny area. However, like most birth stories go, nothing went according to plan. I was induced at 41 weeks and after 24 hrs of cervadil, 24 […]

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Paisley & Khaki

We aren’t just celebrating Memorial Day today!! Today marks officially 7 days until I’m scheduled to have The Second Clark! I’m trying to get in as many stylish bump posts until then, while I also knock out packing, preparing, and cleaning for the new baby’s arrival. Thank God for all this nesting energy that’s kicked in lately! Today’s outfit was inspired by the traditional Memorial Day Weekend colors red, white and blue. However, since I don’t have any red or […]

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Cozy Coffee Run

9 more days! I’m going to meet baby number two in just 9 days! Whoo-hoo! That being said, I don’t exactly feel guilty indulging in my Carmel Macchiato cravings now! For my run out to Starbucks with Cash I thought I just “threw on” something comfortable and it actually turned out to be a super cute outfit! This outfit was so cozy just to throw on in the morning and grab some coffee!   These striped cotton shorts are so […]

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Prepping the Car for 2 kids.

preparing the car for 2 kids

This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Balios Stroller and Aton Q Infant Car Seat to facilitate my review. #CYBEXDesign #IC #ad Less than 3 weeks now until we meet The Second Clark! James and I could not be more excited about the arrival of this little one! It’s crazy around here trying to double-check and make sure we have everything prepared and ready for him to come […]

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Just Another Shift

non maternity pregnancy fashion

Today officially I have only 14 days left in this pregnancy! I don’t want to seem like one of those ungrateful people because I know fertility is a sensitive issue to a lot of women (and here are some fertility top clinics), but I am SO EXCITED to be at the END of this pregnancy! I know, it’s a great miracle and I’m really excited to meet this little dude as well, but I am uncomfortable all the time! I […]

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nochella outfit

Since learning of the yearly music festival in California’s desert I have dreamed of attending Coachella and listening to all the best music and wearing all the funnest boho clothing. Being pregnant meant this would most definitely NOT be the year I would attend the glorious festival, but it doesn’t mean I can’t dress like it! I love the simplicity and comfort of the Bohemian style. Flower crowns, fringe, and dresses with ample room to dance in are some of […]

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Stripes, Denim & Celebration.


Since this family of 3 will soon be a family of 4, we’re trying to make the most of our weekends together and create memorable moments for Cash. This past Sunday we went out for a bit to Celebration, better known as “Disney’s Town”, to grab some treats and walk around. James and I are planning to buy a house out there in about 18 months, so we love walking around the actual neighborhood parts, and wondering which street will […]

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